DICOM server 1.4.19 released

  • OK, I will test on another server.
    I am using Conquest not for a long period - 2-3 days, after that I remove Patient data from server to another place (I don't like servers with big bases - I wrote my own program for archiving and searching data of patients).

  • Hi, both variants are bad. 1st variant do nothing.

    With lua in dicom.ini I have an error...


    17.02.2017 11:59:09 [CONQUESTSRV1] *** lua run error [string "x=DicomObject(); x.SeriesInstanceUID = Data..."]:1: attempt to call global 'DicomObject' (a userdata value) in 'x=DicomObject(); x.SeriesInstanceUID = Data.SeriesInstanceUID; dicomdelete(x); script('retry');'
    17.02.2017 11:59:13 [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Refused to enter inconsistent link SeriesInst into DICOMImages: PatientID = '1887' SOPInstanc = '1.2.392.200036.9116.' AND ImagePat = '1887', Old='1.2.392.200036.9116.', Refused='1.2.392.200036.9116.'
    17.02.2017 11:59:13 [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Error saving to SQL: MELL_I_A\1.2.392.200036.9116.\1.2.392.200036.9116.\1.2.392.200036.9116.

  • OK, your script works with some problems on my server - so I wrote my own script, which uses server command to delete whole problem patient data....

    RejectedImageConverter0 = x=DicomObject:new(); m=':'; y=Data.PatientID; x='deletepatient'; a=x..m..y; print(a); servercommand(a); retry()

    And all OK.

    May be it usefull for others - to add XP_patch (works perfectly yet) in 1-st message?

  • Hello Marcel
    Thank you for this great software and keeping it updated!
    I'm testing it now as fresh install and so far so good.
    one question: what would be proper way to update production server 1.4.17d with MySQL database? just replace old files and folders with new one like previous versions?

  • Hi,

    indeed just backup and replace the exe and dll files (use appropriate dgate.exe from install32/64 folder). This is from the manual:

    In 1.4.19, the internal UIDMODs (anonymization key) table has changed. To update it
    after installing 1.4.19 executables in older databases, push the 'verify database installation'
    button on the install page. If needed this will add the Stage and Annotation columns (see
    server status output).
    This is equivalent to these command lines, which fail if not needed:
    dgate --dolua:"sql('ALTER TABLE UIDMODS ADD COLUMN Stage varchar(32)')"
    dgate --dolua:"sql('ALTER TABLE UIDMODS ADD COLUMN Annotation varchar(64)')"

    The software should work with or without the change.


  • Hi. Thank you for your great work.

    I have win2003 x64 and i use previous release of conquest.
    But it seems you totally broke odbc support in newer versions.

    If I use dgate64.exe (4 265 984 bytes) from previous releases it works well with odbc.
    When i try to use 1.4.19 dgate64.exe it does not work.
    It does not see odbc data source. It cannot create it after delete and re-initialize.

    I decided to update also bacause of old version is always hangs with an error
    Erro dgate64.exe,version, module msvcrt.dll, version 7.0.3790.3959,address 0x0000000000051d71. So i need to restart the server and it hangs over and over again. This is not permanent error. After restarting the server it works well for some time (maybe some monthes).

  • Hi,

    I have not changed any ODBC function, but I did change compiler to vs2015. Did you use the version compiled for XP, using vs2008 (this post)?

    I did test ODBC on 32 bits. The GUI will not create ODBC database with the 64 bit exe as stated in the manual. It expect it to work on X64 with existing ones.



  • Some notes on installing on Centos 7.3.1611 in a basic web server install with mariadb installed

    if not already installed

    yum groupinstall "Development Tools"

    sudo yum install mariadb-devel

    link the mysql libraries so compiler can find them

    cd /usr/lib
    ln -s /usr/lib64/mysql .

    vim maklinux

    at line 29 as noted insert $SRC/ before jpeg-6c twice in the g++ line

    insert the following after line 77

    if [ ! -d /usr/lib/cgi-bin ];
    sudo mkdir /usr/lib/cgi-bin

    Mr Johnathan Bravo

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