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    🥳 Success! I have several more servers to build. I'll report back if this seems to be a common behavior with the combination of Conquest and Ubuntu versions that I'm using.

    Thank you marcelvanherk for being so patient with me. I'm going to build a 4-conquest server cluster from scratch, using IPVS to create a load balanced setup. I'm happy to share all configs once it's all working if that might be useful to someone else. --Tim

    Thanks for your response!

    Changing it from this:

    ExecStart=${CONQUEST}/dgate -w${CONQUEST} -v


    ExecStart=$/conquest/dgate -w$/conquest -v

    Does that look correct?

    After the update, I still get an error:

    root@conquest01:/conquest# nano conquest.service
    root@conquest01:/conquest# systemctl daemon-reload
    root@conquest01:/conquest# systemctl start conquest.service
    Failed to start conquest.service: Unit conquest.service has a bad unit file setting.
    See system logs and 'systemctl status conquest.service' for details.

    Yes, thank you again for being so helpful with this. I know you're a busy person. --Tim

    Contents of conquest.service:

    Hi Marcel, I did confirm what happens when I re-ran the ./maklinux command. I don't believe that fixed it. This is a head-scratcher. I followed the install linux manual instructions and ensured all the prerequisites were installed. --Tim

    I ran this command:

    dpkg -L gettext-base

    and it appears I do have this installed:


    I still get this error:

    Thank you for your response Marcel. All pre-requisites were installed verbatim according to the conquest linux manual. I don't see anything about envsubst in the linux manual. I'm using Ubuntu 24.04 LTS for my server OS. Is this something I need to install? --Tim

    Hi Marcel! I'm installing the newest version of conquest on ubuntu server and this is my second time through. Both times, I've gotten to this point and it seems to fail each time for me:

    tim@conquest01:/conquest$ sudo systemctl start conquest.service
    Failed to start conquest.service: Unit conquest.service has a bad unit file setting.
    See system logs and 'systemctl status conquest.service' for details.

    I'm not sure why I'm getting this error. I've followed the how-to for installing this on linux. Then, as directed by the error above, I ran the systemctl status command and it's indicating that there's a bad unit file setting. Do you have any suggestions? --Tim

    Thanks for pointing that out! I think we're getting somewhere now. Got past that particular error, but now getting SQL errors, not sure if they're anything to be worried about though... Thoughts or suggestions?

    I did double check that those were installed (one wasn't able to install, but your alternative worked, see below), still getting the same error dgate error:

    Option 3 does the same thing, sadly. Not sure what to make of this. I downloaded the files via :: git clone

    Hi Marcel, curious if you've run into this before?

    When attempting to compile/install conquest 150b, I receive this error below. The installer itself, says to ignore the errors below. However, this particular error I don't think can be ignored and prevents dgate from even running to begin with.

    "./maklinux: line 157: ./dgate: No such file or directory"

    I'm unable to proceed past this error. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

    Here's the version of Ubuntu I'm using:

    dicom.ini file, HERE. (posted separately from post above)

    Hi Marcel, we've been having a lot of intermittent "Forward failed to connect" errors for quite some time, with no apparent rhyme or reason, and it only seems to be getting worse. We archive several days worth of logs (serverstatus.log, PacsTrouble, etc). After doing a grep of these files (on 3 of our conquest servers all running CentOS and Conquest 1417e) we're able to get a tally of how often and on which days we're seeing errors in the last several days (see below). Sometimes getting these failed forwards just needs a reboot and it magically works, other times our only option is to manually delete the potentially faulty file... But we often don't know what's faulty about it because the logs don't return detailed enough information.

    We're wondering a couple things.

    1) is there a way to get better logging for when image-sends fail? We have it on debug, however, we're not actually getting a real reason why the "forward failed to connect..."

    2) do you think upgrading to Conquest 1419b will either

    a) fix some of these failure instances

         b) and/or give us better logging?

    3) do you have any other recommendations?

    We're also seeing sometimes images will be sucessfully delivered to Conquest and then no other movement or errors or logging will occur on these images... We're not sure what to make of this. I'll post the config below as well.

    Errors | forward failed to connect, HERE.

    Our dicom.ini file, posted separately.

    For reference to the above question, here's what our LUA script looks like.

    Hi Marcel, we're looking for help using the destroy command within a LUA script.
    We're configuring this in Linux, but using the windowsmanual.pdf file. The only info available that I can find is this...

    destroy ( ) Special for server events, See e.g. script ('destroy')

    What should be inside the "( )" if we're intending to get rid of some data that we don't want?

    We tried it and it gave us an error.

    Thu Mar 8 11:14:59 2018 *** lua run error lua/ic-cqus.lua:19: attempt to call global 'destroy' (a nil value) in 'dofile('lua/ic-cqus.lua')'

    I think it needs to be like destroy(filename.dcm) or something, but not sure. Thanks. --Tim

    Hi Marcel. We're having trouble getting a lua script to show us the sending device's IP address. With our current lua script, it's simply giving us I think I saw a couple other posts where people were needing the same thing, however, I wasn't able to find a solution.

    Here's the script located at this destination: lua/ic-announcer.lua

    print ('ImportConverter0 (ic-announcer.lua) Receiving on AETitle:', Association.Called, 'from AETitle: ', Association.Calling, ' IP: ' , Association.ConnectedIP, ' Modality: ', Data.Modality, ' PatientID: ', Data.PatientID, ' PatientName: ', Data.PatientName, 'Accession: ', Data.AccessionNumber, ' StudyUID: ', Data.StudyInstanceUID, ' SeriesUID: ', Data.SeriesInstanceUID, ' SeriesNo: ', Data.SeriesNumber, ' SOPuid: ', Data.SOPInstanceUID)lua/ic-announcer.lua (END)

    And here's the output where it's printing the sending device's IP as

    Thu Feb 8 12:11:15 2018 ImportConverter0 (ic-announcer.lua) Receiving on AETitle: CONQUESTSRV1 from AETitle: DEVICE01 IP: Modality: DX PatientID: 123456 PatientName: PATIENTLAST^PATIENTFIRST Accession: 7891011 StudyUID: 1.
    2.840.114350.2.431.2.798268.2.46360523.1 SeriesUID: SeriesNo: 2 SOPuid:

    Do you know how we could get the lua to show us the actual sending modality's IP address? Thanks. --Tim

    looks like it should be like this....

    instead of:

    ImportConverter6 = dofile(lua/importconverter6.lua)

    it should have these --> '

    ImportConverter6 = dofile('lua/importconverter6.lua')

    and inside of the new lua file, instead of using the # symbol for comments, it should be using "--"

    Thanks for your help. --Tim

    Ok thanks for your help.

    We've changed the dicom.ini entry to this:

    ImportConverter6 = dofile(lua/importconverter6.lua)

    Added a file under the lua folder called: lua/importconverter6.lua

    The file has this inside:

    #Separate and create unique Series with US Cine's#If called "CQUS" and SOPClassUID equals the SOPClass for US Cine's, then Obtain the last 7 characters from the SOP Instance UID(SOPSubs) and remove 10 characters from SeriesInstanceUID.#If new SeriesInstanceUID ends in a period, remove 11 characters from the original SeriesInstanceUID.#Concatinates the values from the new SeriesInstanceUID and new SOPSubs to make a unique US Cine SeriesInstanceUID.#Rename SeriesDescription to "CINE"if Association.Called == 'CQUS' and Data.SOPClassUID == '1.2.840.10008.' then SOPSubs = string.sub(Data.SOPInstanceUID, -7) SeriesInstanceUID = string.sub(Data.SeriesInstanceUID, 1, -10) if string.byte(SeriesInstanceUID, -1) == 46 then SeriesInstanceUID = string.sub(Data.SeriesInstanceUID, 1, -11) end Data.SeriesInstanceUID = SeriesInstanceUID..SOPSubs..'.24' Data.SeriesDescription = 'CINE' print('ImportConverter6.0 received an US Cine on AETitle CQUS and has modified SeriesInstanceUID to ', Data.SeriesInstanceUID)end

    And getting this error now:

    Wed Feb 7 15:20:10 2018 *** lua run error [string "dofile(lua/importconverter6.lua)"]:1: attempt to index global 'importconverter6' (a nil value) in 'dofile(lua/importconverter6.lua)'

    Are we missing something? Thanks! --Tim