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    No you can't, you can do:

    KP* * 1234 un

    IF your KP name would be KP192.168.1.2.

    Another solution is this or a similar script added to dicom.ini:


    Association=local AE,IP,P,C= get_amap(1); if Association.Caller==AE and Association.ConnectedIP~=IP then servercommand('put_amap:'..AE..','..Association.ConnectedIP..','..P..','..C) end


    The original library has a bit of documentation that is well outdated. It is in .HLP format that windows stopped supporting. If you have a way to read or convert .HLP I can share that. The main source is deivr.hpp/cpp to start at that level.

    Otherwise, I am afraid there is not much, and it has grown organically (many times minimal changes to avoid breaking things) so it is messy, e.g. there are several methods to do similar things on a dicomobject.

    I tend to program by example myself, e.g. find similar code to what I want to do. I also meticulously record, track and fix any bugs reported - making minimal changes.

    This style of coding resulted in an extremely reliable system, while based on a relatively poor quality library.

    What exactly do you want to achieve? Then I can give you better pointers.




    this can be done by AE through dgatesop.lst, but if you add one it will reject all others so you have to add all including the server console itself.

    or using a script, e.g.


    association=if Association.ConnectedIP!='' then reject() end


    Here is a list of error codes:

    server out of memory --> 1

    server not configured --> 1

    any -letter command failed --> 1

    setup command failed --> 1

    database created --> 0

    --dolua returns 0

    server quiting do to --quit or --safequit: returns 0

    CGI processing returns 0

    startup converter calls reject: return 1

    -- commands return:

    return value of servercommand

    which is 0 on success (command succesfully sent - not necessarily succeeded)

    which is 1 if cannot connect

    it is atoi of the return buffer if it is less than 100 characters

    it is -1 if a buffer is succesfully returned

    I think this changed end 2018

    So yes, 255 (-1) is likely also success. I needed the return code internally. If you want I can force if back to zero before calling exit()

    You can force a given return code in lua.


    These are no problem:

    I think the test button makes this index. Fails second time, is harmless

    ***SQLITEExec error: index mods_joint already exists, and

    Any change in database entries is flagged. Is just a small warning, can be ignored.

    Inconsistent StudyModal in DICOMStudies: PatientID = '*****' StudyInsta = '*****', Old='RTSTRUCT', New='RTPLAN\RTSTRUCT'


    Here is his code:

    This is the code in nkiqrsop.cxx:

    if (!cget) AcceptedCompress = UsedPDU->GetAcceptedCompressionType(iUID);

    else AcceptedCompress = "un";

    It might be as simple as replacing this with:

    AcceptedCompress = UsedPDU->GetAcceptedCompressionType(iUID);