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    Started using version 1.5.0.

    OS version - Win XP SP3.

    I did not immediately notice after use - the selected compression method of the received files does not work ...

    Checked on two different computers with WinXP ...

    Also checked on Win7 - also does not work!

    JPEG compression does not work!

    Is this a bug?

    Or am I doing something wrong?

    There were no such characters in the patients name.

    I think that the conversion of Russian characters into UTF and their subsequent transliteration into English is wrong ... The names of the folders are formed incorrectly (I use the name of the patient in the name of the folder where the received images are placed)


    There was a problem when saving data from ultrasound devices to Conquest. The saved images from the ultrasound machines have a defect in the form of green stripes in different parts of the image. Some third-party browsers normally display the data saved by the Conquest, and some also display them with green defects ...

    I apply a problem file. How to fix it?

    I'm understood that a problem in color space interpritation?!topic/dcm4che/T3Nzp6fyPYs

    I meant that when encoding, for example, a patient name in UTF and with an encoding tag set also as UTF when using in dicom.ini the order of creating a folder of such a patient under set 11 - the Russian name of the patient in the folder name is displayed incorrectly, although in the program name is written correctly. It turns out that the Russian characters are decoded correctly, but the folder with the Russian name is a set of some incorrect characters ... Can you fix this?

    I wrote my little program that translates Russian characters from the incorrect IR-144 table into UTF - because initially Conquest does not understand the IR-144 (by the way, many programs do not understand this particular encoding with the Cyrillic alphabet). I solved one problem - now the Cyrillic is displayed correctly in the program itself, however the folder with this name consists of invalid characters ... So the problem is when creating the folder? Does some procedure for forming a folder name work incorrectly with UTF encoding?

    Is it supposed to use UTF in the tags of DICOM files so that, for example, the names of folders are correctly created when data is received. I use the name of the patient to create the folder and, as applied to the Russian language, the folder's corruption consists of incorrect characters ...

    OK, your script works with some problems on my server - so I wrote my own script, which uses server command to delete whole problem patient data....

    RejectedImageConverter0 = x=DicomObject:new(); m=':'; y=Data.PatientID; x='deletepatient'; a=x..m..y; print(a); servercommand(a); retry()

    And all OK.

    May be it usefull for others - to add XP_patch (works perfectly yet) in 1-st message?

    Hi, both variants are bad. 1st variant do nothing.

    With lua in dicom.ini I have an error...


    17.02.2017 11:59:09 [CONQUESTSRV1] *** lua run error [string "x=DicomObject(); x.SeriesInstanceUID = Data..."]:1: attempt to call global 'DicomObject' (a userdata value) in 'x=DicomObject(); x.SeriesInstanceUID = Data.SeriesInstanceUID; dicomdelete(x); script('retry');'
    17.02.2017 11:59:13 [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Refused to enter inconsistent link SeriesInst into DICOMImages: PatientID = '1887' SOPInstanc = '1.2.392.200036.9116.' AND ImagePat = '1887', Old='1.2.392.200036.9116.', Refused='1.2.392.200036.9116.'
    17.02.2017 11:59:13 [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Error saving to SQL: MELL_I_A\1.2.392.200036.9116.\1.2.392.200036.9116.\1.2.392.200036.9116.

    OK, I will test on another server.
    I am using Conquest not for a long period - 2-3 days, after that I remove Patient data from server to another place (I don't like servers with big bases - I wrote my own program for archiving and searching data of patients).

    I check new files - all works :-)
    Later I will replace my 1.4.17 version by x.19 with this fix.

    Now, I found a new problem:
    If I send a patien with ID (for example 1841) from CT and then change (on CT) some patient data (I change surname: from "ANDREEVA V.N." to "ANDREEVA A.A.") , send data again and.....
    took a new error message in LOG and ERROR on CT queue...
    Decision - delete patient on Conquest and CT send normally new data.

    In normal, in my opinion, Conquest soft must replace old data with new. - but it doesn't occur...
    Can I fix it?

    [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Refused to enter inconsistent link SeriesInst into DICOMImages: PatientID = '1841' SOPInstanc = '1.2.392.200036.9116.' AND ImagePat = '1841', Old='1.2.392.200036.9116.', Refused='1.2.392.200036.9116.'
    16.02.2017 15:02:06 [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Error saving to SQL: 1841\1.2.392.200036.9116.
    16.02.2017 15:02:49 closing the server

    May be it 's possible to compile project with some* option compatible with "old" Win Xp ?
    I'm thinking about migration on Win-7, but my server works on Win XP 64bit and other Workstation in Ethernet also works on Win XP 64bit, so it is comfortable to have same operating system on different mashines...
    P.S. My server works with Workstations VITREA, which uses specific C-Move command (only special version with E, founded on this forum - version of 1.4.17e helps me to work with VITREA).
    Version 1.4.19 works normally with VITREA ? I don't check it yet :-)

    I try to install 1.4.17 version and replace from x.x.19 ConquestDICOMServer.exe and dgate.exe in differenet combinations (only dgate, only server, both)....
    No results - same ERROR.

    I think that problem in both files - ConquestDICOMServer.exe and dgate.exe ...

    So, Win XP is not supported in new version?

    Ok. I tried to install server on my home PC (WIN_7 32 bit RUS) (with manual install with defaul built in SQL) - it's all OK...
    Tomorrow I will try again with my Work PC with XP. May be some problems with OS configuration...

    Hello, I have a trouble with installation.
    I'm unzip archive into folder "C:\dicomserver" and lunch "ConquestDICOMServer.exe"
    With Default installation - have a message about error (in attachment)...
    Then I try to start dgate.exe - have a message - "Access denied"

    With version 1.4.17 - all OK.

    I tried to delete folder, change PORT, change NAME - error again...

    tried on WinXP 32bit RUS and WinXP 64bit ENG.


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