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    Hello Marcel
    Thank you for this great software and keeping it updated!
    I'm testing it now as fresh install and so far so good.
    one question: what would be proper way to update production server 1.4.17d with MySQL database? just replace old files and folders with new one like previous versions?

    Hello Marcel
    it seems like I'm having same problem, but in my case I don't get scrambled images, my issues is that when my conquest forwards images to one of our servers it doesn't go in compression as it was set.
    so in acraname I have set server2 IP**** PORT*** j2 and when images are sent to server2 from server1 in server status shows that:
    C-Move Destination: "server2 "
    Number of images to send: 22
    Accepted compression: j1
    Sending file :********
    [recompress]: recompressed with mode = j1 (strip=1)

    so is this a fault of server2 that it's not getting j2 compression? because if the same images will be forwarded to server3 from server1 it will go in j2 as it was set.

    Edit: server1 that sends images to server2 and server3 is 1.4.17d

    well yea it doesn't really takes 5 min to extract, but it mostly happens when many conquest clients trying to access main server trough network at the same time. I did enabled debugging level 4 so hopefully I'll be able to replicated that on Monday.

    have another issue that I'd like to report.
    my setup is Windows 7 pro, conquest 1.4.17d, MySQL, Network Storage (Raid 10)
    problem: when I use conquest GUI and i switch to Database Browser it gives me the following error: cannot open File: XADICOMPATIENTS.DBF (see Image attached)
    as I understand since MySQL is the database why would it still look for that file? it is random but happens very often and to fix it I have to restart conquest or sometimes switching tabs may fix.


    Hello Davide
    you are more than welcome to join discussion anytime that's why are forums for :)
    So the setup that I have right now is because my stuff who do analyze all those new images coming in have automated generated reports that needs to be printed to attach to our radiology's pack system and forward necessary images to right radiology(when I said print reports we don't actually print on hard paper we use print function on GUI and use CutePDF writer to save them as PDF files and then attach them as PDF, saves lots of paper and time for me). forwarding is done trough web interface, but printing is done from conquest GUI, and I figured having one main server with database and all images on one place and let clients access them when needed would be efficient way to do everyday work. am I answering your question?
    But I've been troubleshooting my network few days already and found out that my main server's network adapter is working in half duplex mode for some reason and I think this what causes clients to get hanging when lots of them are accessing data on server at the same time. so now I'm trying to resolve that problem, may be my network adapter is faulty and needs replacement. and I've thought for another solution I don't know how well this work but I got to try. I found this network storage server which has 4 gigabit network ports that can be connected to network switch at the same time and has really high speed for read and write (Synology America DiskStation 8-Bay Network Attached Storage DS1813+) so putting those images on this high speed storage on network in full duplex network would be pretty fast in my opinion to access for all clients and main server too.

    Hi Marcel
    would removing mirroring from clients end will improve perfomance? I don't think would be possible for me to have exact copies of 4TB of images for all clients. I only see network the best way to do what we need to do everyday work. so my dicom.ini looks correct for that setup? thanks

    Hello Marcel
    I started setting up conquest server on local network in order to connect other PC's that have conquest as clients to access database and images stored on main server. so for example here is my setup:

    client1 client2 \ / MainServer / \ client3 client4

    so all those clients get connected to servers database and images to have different operations done on them for example: like print some images and forward some images by manually.
    and problem I'm having is server responses very slow sometimes and even gives "not responding" message on clients end. meanwhile web interface is smooth no problem trough local network.
    here is my setup: Network is done trough Gigabit compatible Router and switch with Cat6 cables.
    all PC are running Win7 pro and are part of workgroup. Main server is Win7 pro also running on intel i5, 20GB ram, OS is installed on 7200RPM 500GB HDD, and gigabit network card, conquest server 1.4.17d, MySQL database.

    Client Dicom.ini

    could you pls tell me if there is something wrong with my setup? thanks

    Hi Davide
    yes I sow that database comparing in conquest documentation that's why I went with MySQL setup. just wanted to know how fast and reliable was in real production world :)
    I'll continue to implement MySQL to all my dicom servers and hope all of them will go smooth.
    I thank you all for help in this new world of dicom server for me :)

    I resolved MySQL error by uninstalling and fresh installing both MySQL and conquest server and now issue is gone, strange thing is I did exactly the same first time too, I guess first time MySQL didn't install properly.
    this is how my dicom.ini was and is configured both times:

    would switching to MySQL resolve dgate.exe crush too? and will switching to MySQL will also benefit my servers speed? lately I noticed that server responded slower and slower every time database grew.

    Hello Davide
    thanks for your suggestion I'll try and report back. but would that MySQL error also prevent seeing studies trough Browse Database tab? I added few studies for test. it adds successfully, but can't see it in Browse Database tab.

    after dgate.exe crashes server is working fine no problems I assume web server crushes since dicom server does continue to work properly.
    so MySql might not be installed properly and that's why it responds slow? any tips what or where I should look to find what causes that? I'm using MySQL 5.6.20 fresh install on windows 7.

    parallel to dgate.exe crush I want to report another issue with MySQL database. few days ago I started to implement MySQL Database for one of our Backup Dicom server since performance is better on MYSQL. so I installed and running MySQL Database on my Win7 Pro Machine and I entered all login info in dicom.ini, when conquest starts it reports: "The server is not running properly: association rejected probable cause: database is not accessible" but when clicking "Verify database installation" it creates and drops test tables and ends tests successfully. also when doing Re-initialize database it finishes successfully too but nothing shows up in Browse database tab. very strange if it communicates with database than why it gives me that association rejected message? thanks

    yes the crush happens when doing "List local studies Patient ID:" in web interface when searching by Patient ID field. as I mentioned in earlier post we use following ID structure to be able to filter by Dr name since we have multiple Dr offices. Id is created by tech following way DrNameDatePatInitials.StudyName for example: WAT080514ZH.ECHO so next time we need to look up all patients for Dr Watson we search WAT in "List local studies Patient ID:" and it will show what we are after till the number of patients for that Dr reached certain amount, after it goes over that amount of patients it will crush dgate.exe when doing search described earlier. we have total of over 21K studies on our Conquest Database, but they are all mix of multiple Dr's and I don't know what is the amount of studies that causes crush. let me know if you need more details on this be happy to help you fix this. thanks

    I'm using version 1.4.17d, Database: SqLite, Win 7 Pro.
    my tech's they create PatientID's individual for each patient in the ultrasound machine, only thing gets repeated in ID's is Dr name and or patient initials if we get same patient multiple times. for example it goes like that DrName.Date.PatientInitials.studyname
    so when we search on web interface by ID and we usually search by just dr name, to filter studies by Dr, and lately I noticed few of dr's accumulated lots of studies and if I search by ID it will crush dgate.exe. let me know if you need any more details on this. thanks

    Thanks I was able to trace the problem with ID problem. looks like it was coming all the way from the ultrasound machine.
    but recently I ran to another problem with web interface. I noticed when Patient ID quantity reaches certain number and if I search database by ID it will crash dgate.exe. I haven't had chance to figure out what is the quantity that crushes. maybe you have some solution for this? thanks

    another issue that I'm facing and can't resolve it myself:
    ***Inconsistent PatientBir in DICOMStudies: PatientID = 'AZU052914DE.CAR' StudyInsta = '', ************************************
    [*********] ***Refused to enter inconsistent link PatientID into DICOMStudies: PatientID = 'AZU052914DE.CAR' StudyInsta = '', Old='AZU052914CP.CAR', Refused='AZU052914DE.CAR'
    [*********] ***Error saving to SQL: AZU052914DE_CAR\
    [*********] ***[AddImageFile] Error entering object into server: C:\DicomServer\data\incoming\IMAGES\000042
    [*********] ***Inconsistent PatientBir in DICOMStudies: PatientID = 'AZU052914DE.CAR' StudyInsta = '', ****************************
    [*********] ***Refused to enter inconsistent link PatientID into DICOMStudies: PatientID = 'AZU052914DE.CAR' StudyInsta = '', Old='AZU052914CP.CAR', Refused='AZU052914DE.CAR'
    [*********] ***Error saving to SQL: AZU052914DE_CAR\
    [*********] ***[AddImageFile] Error entering object into server: C:\DicomServer\data\incoming\IMAGES\000043

    I don't understand because of inconsistent D.O.B it is merging with different patient or what is it trying to do? or what exactly is causing this error and how can I fix it? this happened before too and keeps happening.

    oh yea ExportConverters=1 I had ExportConverter=1 without "s" anyway now it works thanks!
    which one I have to set it so it will repeat forwarding endlessly up until it's all forwarded successfully?