Conversion from v2 image format to dcm

  • Hello,

    I have an old database with a mixture of uncompressed v2 and dicom images. I would like to convert the v2 images into dicom so external programs (mostly dcm2niix) can read them more easily. I haven't been able to find much documentation on the v2 format. Any suggestions on how to do the conversion?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    the latest version on github has a "RenameOnRewrite" flag. If you set that a send of data to itself will change the filename and extension. You can give that a try for in place conversion. There is also a command line option for one by one conversion. V2 is dicom but without the group 2 header.


  • Hi .

    I am saving images in .v2 format. Study retrieval speed is fine. But in query, the server takes too much time, even i query server (search studies in basis of modality or date) for a single day or so. Whereas if i am saving data in .dcm format (as it is ) the search speed is much faster.

    Can you guide me how can i speed up the searching. Might be i am missing something on configuration.



  • Hi,

    search is through the database not the dicom files. These two issues are not related. For retrieval speed, v2 if anything should be faster. However, I am trying to phase out use of .v2 in favour of standards unless you want to use eg N2 compression that is blindingly fast.

    What databases are you using?


  • When i query/search PACS server on any criteria. The workstation (Radiant, Clearcanvas, Efilm) takes to much time in showing the result. On command line window at that time there were too many lines showing that patient this ......recompress ....and strip..... stuff like that.

    But on retrieve the server responds well .

    In new server set conquest server doesn't respond to any ping or query. I have to manually restart the dgate64.exe .

    server status log can be found here.…GB2i9ve/view?usp=drivesdk

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