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    I am trying to configure Ioviyam 2.0 with conquest pacs server on windows using Tomcat web server. I got the login page and after a valid username and password, i got the main search screen.

    In setting tabs, i use the following info but DICOM ECHO is failed.


    wado= or something else


    Query Type: WADO and C-Get

    Please guide.



    I wanted to know command lines to perform the following Server operations. I am using Server on Microsoft Windows and currently running using the command dgatre64.exe -v.

    1. Stop the PACS Server Service (Now i simply click Ctrl+c or close the DOS Window)

    2. Restart PACS Server Services.

    3. Add, modify or delete any entry from file

    4. Add, modify or delete any entry from dicom.ini file

    5. Add, modify or delete any entry from dicom.sql file


    Thanks its working now.

    For File Syntax

    FileNameSyntax = %modality\\%StudyYear/%StudyMonth\%studydate[6,7]-%studydate[4,5]-%studydate[0,3]\%id-(%name)\%VSeriesDescription\%series%counter.dcm

    or shpuld i use this

    FileNameSyntax = %modality\%V9999,9001\%V9999,9002\%studydate[6,7]-%studydate[4,5]-%studydate[0,3]\%id-(%name)\%VSeriesDescription\%series%counter.dcm

    PLease guide

    my lua script is as follow:-

    local StudyDate = Data.StudyDate

    year = StudyDate:sub(0,4)

    month = StudyDate:sub(5,6)

    day = StudyDate:sub(7,8)

    Data["9999,9002"]= month


    It prints UKNOWN.

    i want the value of month assign to Data["9999,9002"]


    Thanks for your guidance. Some how i manage it. But i am facing error:: How to assign value to new DICOM tag. I am using this " Data["9999,9002"]= Studymonth. But no value is set.

    and correct this also

    FileNameSyntax = %modality\%v9999,9002\

    Can i get the Study Size and populate its value in a column STUDYSIZE....

    Please guide.


    I want to get the month of the Study from StudyDate column using following lua command but it gives the wrong answer. Instead of March, it is showing August.

    local result ="%m/%d/%y",20210317)

    Please guide.


    Currently, i have 6 x HDDs installed in my server. For every new disk drive in installed, i have to write separate import converter to tell the server to save images on the specified MAG Drive. Is there any way that server automatically shift to the next available MAG Drive with storage available?

    Please guide.



    I installed the new version of PACS Server. Do the basic installation using the GUI and after the configuration is done, i deleted the Conquest DICOM Server exe file. I browse to the PACS folder and run the following command on windows command prompt.


    For testing, i copied some data in the configured INCOMING folder and it was read by PACS and saved at the desired location. But when i tried to query the server, it gives an error message no study found. I closed the command prompt window and queries the database, records were there. I copied the GUI back and click on regenerate MAGDevice and studies are visible in query results and i can also pull them to view.

    For security purposes, i wanted to run the run the server through commandline (as mentioned above) and whenever any change is required copy back the GUI and do the changes.

    Please guide.