MySQL setup for Conquest

  • Hi Marcel,

    I am trying to run conquest with MySQL DB.

    I have selected MYSQL drivers on the DB setup while running the conquestdicomserver.exe

    dicom.ini contains the following values

    # Host, database, username and password for database

    SQLHost = localhost

    SQLServer = sep_conquest

    Username = root

    Password = test123

    MySql = 1

    DoubleBackSlashToDB = 1

    UseEscapeStringConstants = 0

    getting above error while testing DB installation. Please guide me on what I miss in the working environment.



  • i get this error after clicking on Make mysql database.

    Looks like i am unable to connect with MySQL server

    which version of MySQL client i should use to go through the table records.



  • If you are running windows, you can try running HediSQL to see if you can connect to your mysql database with the username and password you are putting in the config.

    Just to see if the basics are correct.

    If that doesn't work, start by figuring that out and how to set up the right credentials.

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