Update DICOM Tags using dgate

  • Hi

    I wanted to know using dgate modify patient command can i update following DICOM Tags.

    1) Patient ID

    2) Accession Number

    3) Referring Physician Name

    4) Referring Department Name

    5) Patient Age

    6) Patient Sex

    7) Patient Name

    8) Study Description

    Some of our modalities are bot connected with HIMS /EMR and because of this Radiology Techs manually enter patient details. Sometimes they miss out the information or sometimes wrong data is inserted. Currently i have some 200+ patients while Patient IDs and Name and Study Description are entered wrong need to update them

    Please guide.


  • Okie.

    Can you guide how to do these tasks manually???

    Databases table can be created with information like old patient ID New Patient ID and so on but how to automate or manually perform these steps. As in manual no information is found

  • I had a few days of and I needed them. Please be patient, Conquest is free and my help as well.

    Do you want to change it manually or automatic? It makes a big difference. Both are tedious, conquest is not designed as a DICOM editor.


  • Sorry for bothering you in your holidays. Please enjoy them

    At the moment i need any as i have bulk of data that need to be updated. So, at the moment I will prefer manual but in later stages will opt for automatic

    Once again sorry for the trouble


  • Manual would go like this:

    Browse dabase - click image in incorrect study - right click

    Modify - This study advanced

    Enter similar code into edit window:

    Data.PatientID = 'newpatientID'
    Data.AccessionNumber = 'newAccessionNumber'
    Data.ReferringPhysicianName = 'new value'
    -- Data.ReferringDepartmentName = 'new value'
    Data.PatientAge = 23
    Data.PatientSex = 'F'
    Data.PatientName = 'new name'
    Data.StudyDescription = 'new description'

    Push 'test syntax'

    If ok, push 'start modify'

    The script('newuids') statement is needed when changing PatientID! Not when you change anything else.

    I checked the code and item 'ReferringDepartmentName' is not known in the file dgate.dic, and I cannot find it elsewhere either. Therefore that

    code is not active (-- means comment).

    I would suggest to send incorrect data to a secondary server; change it there and send it back once you are happy.


  • This is am (untested) lua script to modify studies using a csv file:

    It can be run from zerobrane studio.

    The csv file must have a first row with required names of DICOM tags, using orgPatientID and orgStudyInstanceUID and then as many other items you want to change, e.g.



    It creates the modified items as copy in the same server. If you use e.g. dicomstore(image, 'NEWSERVER'), it will send the modified images to another server (safer).


  • Thanks for your prompt response.

    Will test and update you.

    Beside above query i wanted to know what software are required and steps to be followed to compile conquest pacs server code make some changes in GUI by hiding some tabs and make exe file for windows.

    Please guide.

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