Adding a DICOM tag as a column to Database

  • Hi,

    I am using MySQL as the database.

    I wanted to add the DICOM tag (0020,1208) - Number of Study Related Instances to dicomstudies table in MySQL as it's not available default.

    So, I modified dicom.sql file to include that tag as below:

    And I (Re)-initialized my database through GUI.

    I see the column now, but the values are NULL. I suppose this is because this tag is not a part of the DICOM's IOD but rather a query tag. But not sure how to set this up properly.

    Could you please guide me on this? Thanks.

  • Hi, I know this discussion is getting old...

    How does one go about populating a column that corresponds to a DICOM tag.

    Is it merely a matter of defining the tag in the database (and then the system automatically extract those elements from incoming images)?

    Or does one need to add LUA script to extract those tags?

    Will this allow me to request for PixelSpacing (0028,0030, and SliceThickness (0018,0050), in a C-FIND request?



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