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    Is it possible to have a single file to be shared between multiple Conquest Servers?

    I tried creating the in a different location to the root folder of the Dicom Server; and pointed the ACRNemaMap in the dicom.ini file to that path.

    ACRNemaMap = F:\differentFolder\

    while the server is running in the C drive.
    But the server keeps referring to the in it's root folder.

    Is it possible to instruct the server to read from a different location on the network? If so, how do I achieve that?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Thank you.

    I referred to the file:…api/routes/dicomRoutes.js


    const child = spawn(


    [`-p${CQPORT}`, `-h${CQAE}`, `-q${CQIP}`, `-w${APIFOLDER}`, cmd],

    { cwd: APIFOLDER }



    The parameter `cmd` in turn refers to the functions in the script `queryfunctions.lua`.

    Tbh I'm new to Conquest and lua.

    If it were dgate, I would do this `dgate64.exe --movepatient:source,dest,patId`. But I am not sure how to construct a command for exporting patients using `servertask.exe`.

    For example, I tried these:

    `servertask -h<AE> -p<port> -q<ip> -echo:<AE>` but it gives me `Unrecognised parameter: -echo`

    `servertask -h<AE> -p<port> -q<ip> --echo:<AE>` but it gives me `Unrecognised parameter: --echo` (similar to dgate cmd)

    But I couldn't figure out how to execute!

    Could you please give an example command for moving patients via servertask.exe?



    It would be great if I could receive any suggestions or solutions to my below use case.

    I have a Conquest Server (configured with MySQL DB) on a machine. I also have my own Node.js web application (running on a different machine) accessing Conquest's DB via MySQL driver. No problem with this setup.

    Now, I would like to perform DICOM exports from my Node.js web app.

    If they are on both running on the same machine, I could easily export using the command `dgate64.exe --movepatient:<params>` by spawning a process from Node.js.

    Since they are on different machines, I am not sure how to do DICOM exports remotely?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!