Change MAG and ObjectFile in DicomImages Table

  • Hi,

    I have a very large DB and I need to change MagDevice of some images daily but there is a difficulty in objectfile column because of FileNameSyntaxes.
    There are two windows servers have two different Conquest Dicom Servers (lets called TEMP, PERM) with same data but I use TEMP as SCP to respond cfind and cmove requests, receive image files and stored daily also sends all to PERM.
    Everyday I change MAGs on postgre DB of TEMP and remove temporary images from TEMP's data folder.

    • TEMP's MAG0 is its own MAG and MAG1 is the PERM's MAG and it is remote folder.
    • TEMP's FileNameSyntax is "%id\%v0008,0050\%seriesuid_%series_%image.dcm" but PERM's is 8 (ID[32]\Studyuid\Seriesuid\Imageuid.dcm)

    My question is TEMP how to get/call image from MAG1 while it has different paths between in objectfile column (filenamesyntax) and images have?

    Thank you for all your helps,

  • Hi,

    I would suggest using MIRRORDEVICE0 between TEMP and PERM, e.g. each MAG0 is the others MIRRORDEVICE0; this automatically synchronises both servers. Such a setup assumes one SHARED database between the two servers.

    For your setup, it is imperative to set the filenamesyntax the same. Conquest uses the filename stored in the database to load the images, you cannot have data on different locations with a different filename. If the filename were the same, images not on MAG0 would automatically be sought on MAG1.



  • Hi Marcel,

    Thank you for the advice, but I cannot change the setup for now. If I change objectfile values(image paths), it will work then, am I right?
    In the next setups, I will try mirroring conquest like you said, it is really useful :)



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