Exportconverter Dicom Element Referring Physician's Name

  • Hi,

    is there a possible way to forward incoming studies to a second Dicomserver by filtering the Referring Physician's Name (Dicom Field 0008,0090), i.e. all studies matching "Physican's_NAME" will be forwarded to AET PACS2

    ExportconverterX = ifequal "%V*0008,0090","Physican's_NAME"; forward study to PACS2;

    wont work.

    Thank you, kind regards


  • Hi,

    not sure where the * comes in, that is for sequences; does ifequal "%V0008,0090","Physican's_NAME" no work?

    It helps to put a nop before, you can then see the expansion in the log to find out what is happening.


    ExportconverterX = nop ifequal "%V*0008,0090","Physican's_NAME"


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