Running PACS from Command Line

  • Hi

    I installed the new version of PACS Server. Do the basic installation using the GUI and after the configuration is done, i deleted the Conquest DICOM Server exe file. I browse to the PACS folder and run the following command on windows command prompt.


    For testing, i copied some data in the configured INCOMING folder and it was read by PACS and saved at the desired location. But when i tried to query the server, it gives an error message no study found. I closed the command prompt window and queries the database, records were there. I copied the GUI back and click on regenerate MAGDevice and studies are visible in query results and i can also pull them to view.

    For security purposes, i wanted to run the run the server through commandline (as mentioned above) and whenever any change is required copy back the GUI and do the changes.

    Please guide.


  • Hi,

    To run the server from the command line, make sure you start it in the folder where you are and run it as dgate64 -v

    This is the same way the service runs, or what the GUI runs. It will be fully functional.


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