is Nightly move without GUI possible?

  • Hello,

    The nightly move function in earlier versions required the GUI to be running.

    At page 51 of windowsmanual.pdf from Version 1.5.0 I found:

    "NightlyMoveThreshhold: ...since 1.4.17 also works for service and linux, if the logging is to a file".

    But this seems contravene to page 19: "

    "Below ... MB move to ...: .....This option requires the GUI to be running to function"

    What means "works with service"?

    • The Service when Server is installed as service?
    • Or a planned task with a dgate command?

    My NightlyMove (on a Windows Server 2019) does not start if only the NTService of the Conquest Dicom Server is running.

    Is there a dgate command for nightly move using the threshold from dicom.ini?

  • Hi,

    this is an error in the manual. Nightly clean is enabled as service, but nightly move is not. The dgate command to run is:

    dgate64 -asNNN,0

    dgate64 -amMAG0.Archiving,MAG1

    where NNN is the amount of kilobytes to move.



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