[solved] Win7 Pro 64-bit image fit-in serious issue

  • We have a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit computer.
    We installed iQ-VIEW evaluation version.

    We found a serious issue in the viewer application that makes iQ-VIEW unusable.

    it seems that there's a big problem about automatically "fit" the images inside the viewing boxes.

    we tried with MR studies and the majority of series are not loaded with coorect "Fit in" inside the view boxes but are dramatically enlarged with most of the image going out of the view box boundaries.

    if you select the "zoom/pan" tool and right click on the image and select the Fit-in option, the current image in that serie become correctly fitted in the view box, however if you scroll the series, the fit-in is completely lost and reverted to the original unfitted format in all the otehr images.

    the scope tool in the lateral toolbar was correctly set to "series" so each change on a image has to be applied to all the images in that series.

    that works for windowing, for panning and for other zoom factors like "1.5x and 2x"
    but the fit-in zoom is not working and not applied to the entire serie.

    we tried the same software on a WinXP 32 bit and each series is correctly displayed in view boxes with correct fit-in mode.

    it seems to me that iQ-VIEW on Win7 64 bit fails to calculate the default fit-in size of series and automatically loads them with incorrect unfitting zoom factors and prevents you to manually adjust a proper zoom factor for the whole serie.

    this makes iQ-VIEW unusable on Win7 64bit machines.
    i know that you recommend 32 bit systems and I wonder if you are already aware of this bug on Win7 64bit machines.

    is it possible to fix it?

    if this issue is not solved we wouldn't buy the software.
    we would look for another software with Win7 64 bit compatibility.

  • I'm having the same bug about "fitting-in" images on Vista 64 bit.

    most of the time Vista 64 loads images correctly but sometimes if fails doing a correct fit-in and replicates the same bug of Win7 64 bit

  • Any news on this topic... or a workaround?

    I have exactly the same problem on my win7 x64 machine...

    Oddly enough... after a fresh install k-pacs works without a glitch, but on every subsequent restart of the program viewer gets botched and I can't get any images to load properly...

  • IQ-view is actually unusable with win7 64 bit OS :( .
    Luckily there is a workaround: Install XP-Mode
    which sets up a virtual PC and creates a kind of
    decent workaround after you have installed IQ-view :) .


  • You can set iQ-View to run as Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and it will work on your Windows 7 64 bits PC.
    Just rigth click on iQ-View icon and select Solve compatibility problems, then you will be asked if you want to solve a problem or test a program on a specific environment, just click on solve a problem you will be promted about what kind of problem you had, answer the questions and at the end you will be asked to choose on wich system the program worked fine, here you should select windows XP (Service Pack 3), then run the program and save the configuration.
    Now the image will be shown in the correct size.
    Comercial Centro Médico SL

  • Yes, that is a workaround. But please note that there are still a few components within iQ-VIEW 2.6.0 that are not 64 bit compliant, such as the TWAIN interface. So, while the XP compatibility mode will resolve the fit-in display issues, you may still run into issues in other places. And there is no workaround for 64 bit XP systems as you cannot choose the compatibility mode there.

    Sabine Stridde

    IMAGE Information Systems Ltd.

  • We are using current prototype versions on 64 Bit machines without problems for some time. Thus we are confident to passs the validation for 64 Bit OS successfully.

    No release date yet since there are several issues left to be fixed.

  • This company and program is a disgrace for the IT-world. The RTM version of windows 7 was released on july 22 2009, the retail version on 22th october 2009. Today, we are 13th of july 2011, almost 2 years later and still no support for 64-bit windows 7 systems!
    To all programmers of this program: go back to college and learn how to become a decent programmer!
    To all possible users of this program: don't use it!
    Again to all programmers: you do realise that windows 8 will be released in several months, i hope the compability will be better!

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