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    Hello! I'm new to PACS, so I apologize for any stupid questions. Our facility has a perpetual license for PACS-IQ-WEBX 10, PACS-IQ-4VIEW 20, PACS-IQ-WEBX-WADO, this was installed in 2019, unfortunately we were unable to purchase a system upgrade. Now we have been informed that updating the system will be more expensive than purchasing the same perpetual license again. So I have a question will we need to purchase renewals for the perpetual license every year? And what will happen to our new perpetual license if we are unable to purchase an upgrade again? I will be grateful for the answer!

    Hello Valentyn,

    I forwarded your request to our sales team.

    You could also use our contact form on the website

    Unfortunately not but we have your feature request in our system. And we also have an idea how to accomplish this without too much effort.

    New features come with a lot of documentation and validation overhead when developing medical devices so we cannot ship them in short cycles.

    In the end I have to ask for your patience.

    you should reconsider this...

    64bit is the future... image data volume is always rising and sooner or later all 32bit DICOM viewers will become obsolete

    Sure. It's not like we don't want it. Many dependencies make this a big challenge. Internal and external libraries need to be compiled with 64 bit, too. All those third party integrations have to work as well. Every vendor specific DICOM incompliance, that has been fixed, has to work on 64 bit as well.

    Next year we will be working on some substantial improvements and we will also check how far we will come on the path to 64 bit.

    Until iQ-VIEW 4.0 I hope our patches (like our current 3.1.2) will improve your current experience.

    Kind regards


    Good news. The iQ-VIEW 3.1 development is close to finish. In december we will stop the implementation and start the validation process. A lot of documentation has to be created as well.

    The biggest improvement will be seen in the automatic previous study management, which is now able to include studies based on similar patient names (mitigating typos or different patient IDs in the PACS).

    There will also be some speed improvements concerning the study retrieval and new print formats.

    Good things will come to those who wait. In this sense, we are proud to announce the long-awaited release of our radiology reading station software iQ-VIEW 3.0.
    We are convinced that your patience will totally pay off, as we have included a number of innovative features, among which are included the following:

    iQ-VIEW 3.0 Feature Highlights:

    • Automatic previous studies management

      • Intelligent radiology reading station that automatically presents relevant prior studies for a patient across all modalities (iQ-VIEW PRO only)

    • Customizable visual styles

      • Choose a different visual style for your application in order to create a more comfortable working experience, especially for reading room conditions

    • Performance improvements

      • Super fast zoom/pan now 10x faster
      • Super fast multi-frame object opening
      • New thumbnail selection for series preview; the middle image of a series can be selected instead of the first image

    • Easier image processing and better image reading through improved functions

      • New right-click context for fast access to frequently used functions
      • New “Magnifier” tool now with 16 bit interpolation and zoom factor presets
      • Easy synchronization of cranio-caudal acquired series with caudo-cranial series
      • “Cine mode” now combined with “Bind mode”

    • New mouse cursors available in different sizes

      • New mouse cursor shapes in various sizes indicate selected tools

    • Windows 10

      • Full compatibility with Windows 10 Professional and above

    Give our freshly released iQ-VIEW 3.0 a try and test this new and improved version by downloading it from our Download Center.
    Detailed information on iQ-VIEW 3.0 is available in the product brochure and a quick overview of the new features and functions can be found in the iQ-VIEW 3.0 flyer.

    Hello Dr. Bartalena,

    we have so far completed the implementation phase, so now we need to finalize the documentation and validation phase. This will take several weeks, especially due to the holidays at the end of the year.

    Dear Dr. Bartelena,

    I'm sorry to hear that. As always, your vendor should be the first person you should contact in case of technical support.

    Since you are aware of the option to regenrate the database or re-import the database, I guess this will take very long for your large database.
    In such cases I usually take a look at the content of the "kpstudy.dir" in the database directory. This file represents all registered studies. Every study is listed as a separate line. Sometimes there are visual clues that lead to a corrupted display (blank lines and the like).

    I would look which study is the last study displayed in the Study Browser. Then I'd search for that study in the kpstudy.dir and look for abnormalities in the surrounding study entries.