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    There is no specific K-PACS manual available, but you can download the iQ-View 2.5 manual. K-PACS is a sort of limited version of iQ-View without support and certification. Nevertheless, you will find all basic iQ-View features in K-PACS as well.

    If you use the option to directly burn the CD with IQ-View, then your project will only be stored temporarilly and will be deleted with the next project.
    If you use the "create CD-project" option, these files will be stored permanently until you manually delete the folder via Windows Explorer.

    A checkbox to delete the temp-project might be a good idea.


    Currently, iQ-View does not support mpge to dicom convertion. Althoug there is an MPEG SOPClass in Dicom, most PACS systems do not support it.
    You could try to find an MPEG to BMP/Jpeg converter and import these images afterwards.


    The settings are all stored in the iQ-View.ini file.
    Currently, you can not lock these settings, but you could write some kind of batch file that copies another iQ-View.ini into the installation folder before start up.
    A write protection of the iQ-View.ini file will not help, since it would crash iQ-View on close down.


    Please contact our service if you have further questions.


    We also are having a problem with this function. We film MR images and need to be able to window all images to a baseline, zoom them to the same magnification and then individually "tweak" the windowing on only certain images. We have tried every way we can think of (on the view side as well as print side) to do this but it seems not to be possible since the scope feature in version 2.6 resets everything. This is really important for filming spine studies.

    Unfortunately, the reset of the presentation state when changing the scope is currently neccessary, but we already figured out a way to avoid it. V2.7 will hopefully solve your problem. (and we promise not to take as long as with 2.6 :oops: )



    in the 2.5 version, it was possible with clik right to zoom in or out all the pictures selectionned in the printing window.
    It is not possible with iqview 2.6, no function is attribued to the right buttom of the mouse.
    It was a great function : i could magnify in one time all the pictures with the same degree of zoom before printing.

    In iQ-View 2.6, all zoom/pan/window activities are controlled by so called DICOM presentation states. These objects can control a single image (scope image) or a whole series (scope series). Unfortunately, the scope study is not defined and thats why you will not be able to set the same zoom to images of different series.

    Nevertheless, we will add this feature wish to our todo list for 2.7


    No, I am sorry, K-PACS does not support this kind of configuration.
    This is only possible with our professional version iQ-View. It's CD Viewer iQ-Lite can be configured extensively with an ini file calles lite.ini

    Very strange,

    try to do the following: Replace the dicomdll.dll file of k-pacs with the one from iQ-view. Maybe this already solves the problem, since this is the file that is responsible for the actual DICOM SCU communication.

    How big is your local imagebox? Windows explorer performance may slow down if a folder contains thousands of subfolders. Check, wheter windows file indexing is activated with the imagebox folder.