move automatic to MAG by modality is possible ?

  • need some help, I have 3 modality, I would send one to each MAG, so I can separate what is important from what is not, someone would know how to help me?
    the idea would be for US move to MAG3, CR move to MAG2 and CT move to MAG1

    MAG0 the hd is small however is fast "SCSI" and always come excluding all now got 3 USB hds external and got put on the server, Centos recognized and is already assembled and tested in the conquest, the move could do more night he separated by type/modality

    Thanks for help.

  • Should be easy enough (from 1.4.16, maybe with k update).

    Add this to end of dicom.ini (the second bit all on one line):

    ImportConverter0 = if Data.Modality=='US' then Data.Storage='MAG3' end; if Data.Modality=='CR' then Data.Storage='MAG2' end; if Data.Modality=='CT' then Data.Storage='MAG1' end;


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