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  • First of all, thank you to Marcel and the developers of Conquest. And it is great to have this forum to discuss it.

    I may be building an archive that will be receiving about 100 CR studies and 12 MR studies per day. The image count would be about 300 CR and 1200 MR images per day. To project this over a 5-year period would result in about 2.2 million images.

    These studies would be routed to a DIOWave Web Server for primary review and also routed to 3 workstations (eFilm, Etiam, etc). Some query would be done from these workstations but the primary image review would be done via the web interface.

    My question is this: Should I be concerned about the DBASEIII database holding up with this projected volume?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Again, this is a wonderful forum!

  • To my mind, DBASE is a little bit outdated as a database.
    I would avvice for professional use MSSQL2000 ( or MsSQL2005 ), or MySQl which is in continous development supported by a lot of forums in case of probs.

  • I have a test archive with 4.3 million images that runs fine, others with 8 million images. So, dbaseIII may be outdated, the drivers used (our own) perform very well as database for conquest. Note, however, you need to use version 1.4.12c (fixes an important bug that may cause database corruption). Also, on linux dbaseIII is limited to 1.4 million images - but this is a bug that will be fixed in the next release.


  • Marcel and Bushranger,

    Thank you very much! I am running version 1.4.12c on Windows.

    Though the Conquest Server documentation (or web page) discusses archives with over 4 million images, my concern was dbase blowing up. I've been loading up DVD's with DICOM studies and simultaneously pushing these studies to a test Conquest server from multiple computers and it's been holding up just fine. Though this is a test environment you always wonder about a clinical environment...

    Conquest Server is a very nice piece of work. Thanks again...

  • The dbaseIII driver is very safe for clinical work - we use it for smaller archives and forwarders. It is always a good idea to zip and backup the databases regularly (as with any computer data). Off course other database drivers work fine too.

  • Hi,

    Image database is 4.7GB in size, and Conquest reports being full. Q/R on studies show less number of images or no images. Database is DBIII and I know it has limitations. Total storage is 4TB RAID of which about 2TB is free. This storage is expandable to 16TB. Images stored are MR, CT and PET only. I have complete back up of all data on a Massive tape system so images are not lost. Besides there is a production PACS (AGFA Impax). This pacs is a secondary pacs for now, but volume is growing and it may become our primary pacs in 6 months time.

    Which option should I go for?
    1) Upgrade from 1.4.11 with DBaseIII to 1.4.13aplha with DBaseIII. Then switch database from DbaseIII to SQL2005.
    2) Upgrade from 1.4.11 with DBaseIII to 1.4.13alpha with SQL2005
    3) Keep existing 1.4.11 and change databse to SQL2005

    Also I need a pointer to documentation on the procedure.



  • Hi,

    If you are on linux, you must upgrade as listed. If you are on windows, you might have hit a disk size calculation limit. This code is the same for the listed versions so upgrading will probably not help. How much free space does the maintenance page list?

    The dbaseIII file is NOT full at 4.7GB. My test system database is 6 GB big and far from its limit and others reported larger databases. You might have to use multiple disks (volumes) as MAGDevices to avoid your problem.


  • Hi,

    It is Windows 2003 server R2 (32-bit).
    Free space on MAG Device 0:= 2337445 MBytes

    Image database is not packed. All images are saved uncompressed.

    Exact error message from serverstatus.log file <trimmed>:
    5/18/2007 7:35:00 AM [CONQUESTSRV2] Written file: E:\data\xxx\1.2.840.113704.1.1761978484.7134.1029244638.2_3099_000001_11794881007196.v2

    5/18/2007 7:35:00 AM [CONQUESTSRV2] ***Index for E:\data\dbase\DICOMImages.DBF is full - speed will degrade until server is restarted

    5/18/2007 7:35:00 AM [CONQUESTSRV2] Written file: E:\data\xxx\1.2.840.113704.1.1761978484.7134.1029244963.6_3100_000001_11794881007197.v2

    5/18/2007 7:35:00 AM [CONQUESTSRV2] ***Index for E:\data\dbase\DICOMImages.DBF is full - speed will degrade until server is restarted

    5/18/2007 7:35:00 AM [CONQUESTSRV2] Written file: E:\data\xxx\1.2.840.113704.1.1761978484.7134.1029245010.9_3101_000001_11794881007198.v2

    5/18/2007 7:35:01 AM [CONQUESTSRV2] ***Index for E:\data\dbase\DICOMImages.DBF is full - speed will degrade until server is restarted

    Will a simple reboot/restarting server fix the problem?
    Please let me know. Thanks. -Sundar

  • - are there step by step directions somewhere on how to use the MyFreePACS web client to work directly from the Conquest DICOM server/database instead of setting up another DICOM server (MyFreePACS)? -

  • Re: using DIOwave to read ConQuest data directly - I ended up setting up seperate instance of Conquest and DIOwave as suggested in the first post to this thread by ElRayOX - it works well - only problem is that you end up with 2 inscances of DICOM servers and with that 2 copies of all data sets -

  • ElRayOX - have you found a way to run multiple instance of DIOwave on the same server? -

    - you can setup multiple listeners (by DICOM ports) and from that multiple image folders (Volumes) via DIOWaveConf.xml -

    - however, it seems like you are stuck with one instance of the dicomstudy.mdb database -

    - using the "dio-storage -install" it defaults to one DIOWaveConf.xml file -

    - but "dio-storage /?" seems to indicate that there is a -config option allowing you to specify a configuration file -

    - if true you should be able to setup multiple instance of DIOwave on the same server (?) using the -config option or in Win2k3 the instsrv/srvany service install features -

    - e.g.:
    instsrv DIO_XXX C:\XXX\bin\dio-storage.exe (with DIO_XXX.xml config file)

    instsrv DIO_YYY C:\YYY\bin\dio-storage.exe (with DIO_YYY.xml config file)

    instsrv DIO_ZZZ C:\ZZZ\bin\dio-storage.exe (with DIO_ZZZ.xml config file)

    - individually these work, but instsrv all 3, and it fails even when there are distinct DIOCOM ports, Titles, Volumes set in the config files - it doesn't seem possible to point to a specific config file -

    - I'm just trying to run multiple instances of DIOwave on the same server to clearly & functionally seperate groups of users -

    chris o.

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