SQL table definition - StationName is Study table?

  • Looking at dicom.sql, 0x0008, 0x1010, "StationName" is stored in the Study table. In our nuclear medicine department (as I think with many), a patients study may have individual series acquired on different cameras/stations and processed/derived on yet another. With StationName in the Study table, only the StationName of the last Conquest stored series will be recorded. If I wish to use the Conquest database to help our department track camera utilization I would like to have StationName stored in the Series table.
    Is it best to move StationName to the Series definition portion of dicom.sql or can it exist on both Study and Series portions? I understand a complete database re-initialization would be required following any changes.

  • Maybe check the dicom standard. Your device may be in error. In any case, you may define StationName in both tables. It think the server would return the one on the level that you query. Maybe best try it in a test server first!


  • You can probably use the Model Name field in the series table in conjunction with Station Name to get the information you want although resuts do seem to be a little variable.

    We store data from a GE MPR with entegra workstation, Philips Forte and a Philips Precedence SPECT/CT with Jetstream.

    In general the Station Name seems to vary according to whether there are only original (unprocessed) series or a mixture of original and processed.

    The Model Name is the camera name for the original series and the workstation name for the processed series.
    Some studies from our Precedence with CT attenuation can have 4 different model names.

  • I have gone through the database fields against the DICOM standard -
    PS 3.3-2006 - no sure if there is a new publication. Marcel's responses to my comments (via e-mail) are included below:

    0008,0061 does not appear to exist in the DICOM standard published in 2006. Page 262 has Modality as a Series attribute - Study level seems more logical. Maybe leave it in both Study and Series tables.....?
    64 character string?

    Page 271 lists both:
    0008,1010 StationName
    0008,1040 InstitutionDepartmentName
    as Series attributes.
    Would seem logical to keep 0008,1040 in Study table......?

    Page 291 indicates 0018,0010 as an Image attribute. Included in Series table seems logical as ContrastBolusAgent would seem to be fixed between images within a Series.......?

  • Any other changes to the dicom.sql invisioned for v1.4.13 besides moving StationName and DepartmentName to the Series table? Is the order of group/elements in dicom.sql significant?
    I am working to upgrade my server to new hardware and would prefer to only regenerate my databases once.

  • No, the order of fields in dicom.sql is irrelevant EXCEPT for the first and the last field that must stay where they are.

    But jou MUST regen after changing dicom.sql. The server will else fail.


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