Why not to change patientID of a dicom image

  • Hi

    first of all sorry about my english

    could you please send me an example of "mychange.lua" script

    a related example will be helpfull

    thanks a lot

    and one more thing

    1. dgate --dump_header synatx

    2. dgate '--modifystudy:patid,,newuids;mychange.lua'

    im not familiar at command syntax so i will be thankful if you could use real data like bellow :

    we want to add the dicom header to one patient who has PID=2559861321.

    meaning add NameOfPhisiciansReadingStudy = "Drshakibafard" to that patient.

    if that dicom header exist change it and if not add it.

    if we have txt file with a list of patients ID, how could we change one or more dicom header of all of them and send them to anothe AE

    Thanks a million

  • dgate64 --dump_header:test.dcm,test.txt

    mychange.lua (example)

    if Data.PatientID == '2559861321' then
    Data.NameOfPhysicianReadingStudy = 'Drshakibafard'

    Create a batch file as follows, with a line for each patient:

    dgate '--modifystudy:2559861321,,newuids;mychange.lua'

    Note that this changes the DICOM objects inside the archive.


  • Hello. Can you tell me if it is possible in Conquest to change all the data about a patient in a particular study (i.e. Patient ID, Patient Name PatientBirthDate, AccessionNumber, )? If possible, give an example of how to do it? Is it possible to do this in the windows GUI? Version Conquest 1.5.0.

    Found in the GUI Modify-->this study (advanced), the window Change/copy all images in current study opens. Next -- Enter Lua code to modify DICOMimages here you need to enter some script. Help me write a script for the above parameters.


  • I tried these parameters, everything seems to work.

    Data.PatientName="xxxx" - FULL name

    Data.PatientBirthDate="19000101" - Date of birth

    Data.AccessionNumber="PL208020" - Access Number

    Data.StudyDate="20000602" - date of study

    Data.PatientSex="M " - Gender

    Data.PatientAge="088Y" - age



    Data.InstitutionName="Diagnostic clinic"


    Data.StudyDescription="Komp_yuternaya tomografiya"






    Thanks for the help

    Also tell me how to do the same thing via the command line?

  • That is trickier but possible if you now the UID(s) of the image/series/study yoy want to modify, dgate --modifier: is the command but quotes make it a bit complicated

    Much easier is through the GUI.

  • Hi Marcel and others,

    Not sure if this is the right chat to pose my question/issue, so please correct me if I am wrong.

    I've used the "change patient ID for this study" in the conquest server for one patient which had an unknown patientID. However, the server is running since Friday to change this ID. The progress bar is at 80% at this point. In the logging files I see the patientIDs of all patients in my conquest server coming by and the folder of the patient that I am trying to change is getting huge. There is a 16GB file in there, which was not present in the original datafolder Is this normal or temporary or is something going wrong here?

  • thanks for the quick reply! The database has indeed changed and put everything in the same patientID. I assume there is no way to revert this. I have a back-up.

    What would be the best way to change an 'unknown' patientID into something that makes sense?

  • Great that you have a backup. It will be very difficulult to revert this.

    What is the actual value of the unknown patient ID?

    I think you can add an importconnverter script to make it something sensible.


    ImportConverter0 = lua:if Data.PatientID=='unknown' then Data.PatientID = crc(Data.PatientName) end


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