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    Hi Marcel,

    thanks for deleting the log-file

    according to your post

    1. can conquest received by any of above format?

    2. I will do everything you want and let you know if something happen

    3. I will send you my mri image, no need to anonymous.



    the log shows that compression skipped ---> jpeg compression skipped for < 8 bits data

    do you need the anonymous image?

    Logfile of one MRI patient.txt

    Hi Marcel

    Thanks for fast response,

    we have two servers and when I compare folders contain MR or CT images in those servers, the size are different !!

    both conquest and pacsplus servers uses jpeg lossless but i dont know why !!

    I dont want to compress incoming folder because they already have

    but the images the receive from MRI and CT-Scan machine must be compressed and archive

    i will send you two images about file syntax from one patient in both server

    hope this help

    i think its my mistake

    i think the other server uses different compression format

    so what is that format?

    jpeg lossy?



    about DB

    I use Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise edition

    so for large data its ok

    Hi Marcel

    what is the difference between the time that the DB is regenerated and Import Folder?

    I'm sure about killing and restarting the conquest server, maybe I should restart the machine as well !?

    i will send you an image about file syntax



    Hi marcel

    1. I tested it with incoming folder, works fine for me, but its take too long to import data. is there any faster way to import 10TB data?

    2. i dont know why but the images that received from modalities, save as "un" compression.

    how can i compress them as j2 while receiving?

    here is my dicom.ini

    Images are deleted after import!


    Thanks for your respond

    i have about 10 TB data that seperated to many folders in many PC and i want to migrate all of them

    i use microsoft sql server enterprise edition and i will test the code you mentioned above

    first i will search about how to watch folder and data/incoming and after that i wll test it



    first of all sorry about my english

    could you please send me an example of "mychange.lua" script

    a related example will be helpfull

    thanks a lot

    and one more thing

    1. dgate --dump_header synatx

    2. dgate '--modifystudy:patid,,newuids;mychange.lua'

    im not familiar at command syntax so i will be thankful if you could use real data like bellow :

    we want to add the dicom header to one patient who has PID=2559861321.

    meaning add NameOfPhisiciansReadingStudy = "Drshakibafard" to that patient.

    if that dicom header exist change it and if not add it.

    if we have txt file with a list of patients ID, how could we change one or more dicom header of all of them and send them to anothe AE

    Thanks a million

    thanks a million,

    so it can be done very easily

    only one thing

    we want to chnage the "NameOfPhysiciansReadingStudy" of some patient not all of them

    we want to query some or one patient with PID and then change their dicom header and then forward them to an advantage workstation or other pacs



    I just recently downloaded the Conquest dicom server and using it as a storage and forwarding server.

    creating or developing softwares like this help peploe across the world, thank you.

    My question is:

    Is it impossible to change dicom header of some patients and then forwarding them to a specific Modality,

    for example change the "NameOfPhisiciansReadingStudy" (0008,1060) dicom header of one or many patient and then forwarding them.

    Is it possible?

    An early reply would be appreciated.