Getting only .dcm files into conquest server through a WatchFolder Location

  • WatchFolder = C:\Users\dICOM\Desktop\New folder\

    this is the watch folder loaction set in dicom.ini , now is there any lua code or configuration where the watchfolder only takes the .dcm files to conquest diacom and ignore the rest.(any other files or folder. which will be left) that i can add into my dicom ini

    here is my full dicom.ini code

    # This file contains configuration information for the DICOM server

    # Do not edit unless you know what you are doing


    MicroPACS = sscscp

    # Network configuration: server name and TCP/IP port#

    MyACRNema = RTETT

    TCPPort = 5808

    # Host, database, username and password for database

    SQLHost = localhost

    SQLServer = D:\DICOM\Data\dbase\conquest.db3

    Username =

    Password =

    SqLite = 1

    DoubleBackSlashToDB = 0

    UseEscapeStringConstants = 0

    # Configure server

    ImportExportDragAndDrop = 1

    KeepAlive = 60

    ZipTime = 05:

    UIDPrefix = 1.2.826.0.1.3680043.2.135.738109.71228334

    EnableComputedFields = 1

    FileNameSyntax = 4

    # Configuration of compression for incoming images and archival

    DroppedFileCompression = un

    IncomingCompression = un

    ArchiveCompression = as

    # For debug information

    PACSName = AERSB

    OperatorConsole =

    DebugLevel = 0

    # Configuration of disk(s) to store images

    MAGDeviceThreshhold = 10024

    MAGDeviceFullThreshHold = 30

    MAGDevices = 1

    MAGDevice0 = D:\dicom\data\

    WatchFolder = C:\Users\dICOM\Desktop\New folder\

    Would be really helpful for me

  • Hello,

    To filter only .dcm files in the WatchFolder for the ConQuest DICOM server, you can consider implementing a Lua script that checks the file extension before processing. While the ConQuest server does not have a built-in feature to filter by file extension, you can use Lua scripting to achieve this.

    Here’s an example of how you might write a Lua script to check for .dcm files.

    In this script, the IsDcmFile function checks if the given filename ends with .dcm. The OnStoredInstance function is called by the ConQuest server for each file in the WatchFolder. If the file is not a .dcm file, it is deleted; otherwise, it is processed as usual.

    You would need to add this Lua script to your dicom.ini configuration under a new section [lua] and reference the script file using the ScriptFile parameter.

    Please note that modifying server scripts and configurations should be done with caution and ideally tested in a safe environment before applying to a production system.

    Best Regards,

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