Modality Worklist

  • Hello everybody!

    I'm here to require some help from the community!

    I'm trying to understand how modality worklist works with Conquest PACS and how to implement it.

    I've already checked the manuals (both linux and windows) which comes with the zip file with no luck.

    I've also checked here on the forum with no luck (not the entire forum to be honest).

    So far I did understand that dgate can run a file but I've also seen that someone was calling it as a service.

    Honestly I'm kinda lost in the mist on this one...

    Is there anyone that could briefly explain to me how it works (via file or udp/tcp connection) and how to properly configure conquest to make it works, please?

    Even pointing at some documentation would be really appreciated. :thumbup:

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi LaM,

    modalities can query the worklist database. It is up to you to fill it.


    dgate --loadhl7:filename


    dgate64 --loadhl7:filename

    will load a HL7 worklisty entry. But you can use any SQL access to put them in.


  • Thank You Marcel!!

    Ok so basically, besides writing directly into the db, I can use the file directly and then modalities can query it.

    Last answer then I won't bother You no more: should I implement the use of a worklist on a plain db or is it feasible and secure to start using it on a 5mo old running pacs?

    Thank You again for the help and support! :thumbup:


  • Marcel,

    many thanks for taking your time and personally answer me.

    I'll work on it right away!

    I've many questions still (e.g. What happens if i load the same record twice? What happens if I start to run a MWL on a working PACS and a patient comes back after?) but I do not want to bother You further.

    Is there any documentation I could read to instruct myself?

    Have a nice day! :)


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