Conquest server 1.5.0b becomes unable to receive studies after some time

  • I have a Conquest Dicom server 1.5.0b installed on a Xeon machine that has no issues, however after some time the server runs (it's on 24/7) it becomes unresponsive to new studies, no matter what I try I am unable to upload or retrieve any new studies. The only solution I have is to reboot the server altogether and everything comes back to normal. When the server stops working properly I get the same sequence of errors (shown in the picture). Note, the server gui responds normally as if everything is ok, but the server is unable to receive or retrieve any new studies. Marcel, thanks for all you do, this is a monumental effort.

  • Hi,

    i think some system (or maybe a virus) tries to connect to conquest with non-dicom communication, and that crashes it. I have seen the same issue at my University. Can you leave it on highest debug log over the weekend when you do not expect activity?


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