Regen single device

  • Hi Conquest users

    I have a problem with regen device.

    [PACS] ***Dynamic_Parse encountered an invalid element length during load of DCM file (in 7fe00010)

    [PACS] ***Length = 6228352

    [PACS] ***Group Length = 11

    [PACS] ***[Regen] G:\1997\Juin\TEST\test\test\1.2.392.200036.9125.9.0.4061067668.3437956864.dcm -FAILED: Error on Load

    [PACS] Regeneration Complete

  • ghassenbenmechichi

    Changed the title of the thread from “Hi Conquest users” to “Regen single device”.
  • another problem when opening a regenerated image

    [CLINISYS] Query On Study [CLINISYS] Queried item 0010 0021 is not in the database [CLINISYS] Issue Query on Columns: DICOMStudies.StudyDate, DICOMStudies.StudyTime, DICOMStudies.AccessionN, DICOMStudies.StudyModal, DICOMStudies.ReferPhysi, DICOMStudies.StudyDescr, DICOMStudies.PatientNam, DICOMStudies.PatientID, DICOMStudies.PatientBir, DICOMStudies.PatientSex, DICOMStudies.StudyInsta, DICOMStudies.StudyID [CLINISYS] Values: DICOMStudies.PatientID = '1.2.392.200036.9125.2.153123021197.64362859708.296255' [CLINISYS] Tables: DICOMStudies [CLINISYS] Sorting (DICOMStudies.PatientNam) DoSort := 1 [CLINISYS] Records = 0

  • Code

    But i regenerated this image

    ------------- Regen device MAG2 --------------------

    [CLINISYS] ---------- Start archival operation -----------

    [CLINISYS] Regen single device: MAG2

    [CLINISYS] [Regen] G:\2002\Juin\TEST\1.2.392.200036.9125.2.153123021197.64362859708.296255\1.2.392.200036.9125.3.153123021197.64362859708.296256\1.2.392.200036.9125.9.0.4228783145.3251638016.3860816339 -SUCCESS

    [CLINISYS] Regeneration Complete

    [CLINISYS] ---------- End of archival operation -----------

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