Error: "No such file or directory"

  • Hi Marcel, curious if you've run into this before?

    When attempting to compile/install conquest 150b, I receive this error below. The installer itself, says to ignore the errors below. However, this particular error I don't think can be ignored and prevents dgate from even running to begin with.

    "./maklinux: line 157: ./dgate: No such file or directory"

    I'm unable to proceed past this error. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

    Here's the version of Ubuntu I'm using:

  • Option 3 does the same thing, sadly. Not sure what to make of this. I downloaded the files via :: git clone

  • I did double check that those were installed (one wasn't able to install, but your alternative worked, see below), still getting the same error dgate error:

  • Thanks for pointing that out! I think we're getting somewhere now. Got past that particular error, but now getting SQL errors, not sure if they're anything to be worried about though... Thoughts or suggestions?

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