DelayedFetchForwardFailures File

  • Marcel

    Happy new year. Hope this year is great for you.

    My question today regards a file that is created when I have some communication issues between Dgate and another SCP. I get a file generated in the the dgate home directory called DelayedFetchForwardFailures#### . Do the studies listed in there get re-tried at some point or is this just a housekeeping file for administration. Also it looks to be binary text file. Can you point me to the location in the code that generates it so I could write a quick reader for it. Thanks in advance.

    Mr Johnathan Bravo

  • Hi,

    the files store delayed forward entries that are indeed retried.

    This data stored (dgate.cpp line 11840, code writing in the queue code about 1000 lines above, look for 'failfile'):

    strncpy(data, patientid, 64);

    strncpy(data+65, operation, 16);

    *(unsigned int*)(data+996) = time(NULL);

    *(unsigned int*)(data+992) = delay;

    strncpy(data+82, server, 17);

    strncpy(data+100, studyuid, 64);

    strncpy(data+165, seriesuid, 64);

    strncpy(data+230, compress, 25);

    strncpy(data+256, modality, 19);

    strncpy(data+276, date, 23);

    strncpy(data+300, sop, 64);

    strncpy(data+366, imagetype, 128);

    strncpy(data+500, seriesdesc,64);

    if (script) strncpy(data+570, script, 400);

    The file just contains raw dumps of the 1000 byte long data entries. Their first byte of patientid is set to 0 if an entry has been succesfully processed. If all have been processed the file is deleted.


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