Implement Modality Worklist from Cloud with Conquest

  • Hi Marcel

    Currently I am using Conquest to autoforward studies (from multiple modalities at one imaging center) to my cloud PACS on AWS, it is working very smoothly.

    Now, I want to upgrade my setup and implement a way to create patient on the website and send it via Worklist to the modalities via same Conquest (or another Conquest server) from cloud. The Conquest server is running at the imaging center with access to internet and modalities in LAN. The IP address of imaging center are not static.

    I have limited experience with coding and HL7, can you advise me on the implementation?

  • Hi,

    In Conquest, the Modality worklist is a table in the server's database. The imaging centers would query conquest to pick up the records. This requires the IP address of Conquest providing the worklist to be static, which should be no problem, probably even if it is in the cloud. The main problem is entering items into the worklist database.

    You can do this by:

    1) interact with the SQL server of conquest directly - which do you use? Then you could use any tool that you have somebody to code for.

    2) Create a HL7 file and loading it into conquest using e.g. dgate64 --loadhl7:file

    3) Use or create a web interface.

    The old conquest web interface has a worklist interface but it is extremely rudimentary. See:

    I guess this would also be quite error prone, so you may want access to other databases (or other PACS systems) to prefill the fields. Are there such systems?

    Conquest web server also provides some 'web services' that would allow connecting any web page with javascript to perform updates of the sql database. Again if you have another system you could connect to for getting more data that would be good.


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