Ultrasound color images showing up with blue/green overlay

  • Marcel

    Sorry to bump an old thread but I have a client that is seeing this issue at the moment and we are using j2 to compress. However it seems to only be on US studies and is only showing up on some viewers. For example a US comes in as uncompressed and is compressed by dgate to j2, this changes 0028,0004 from RGB to YBR_FULL. In our main viewers , ohif, weasis, and clearcanvas, this doesn't seem to be presenting an issue. However the rad that is reading is using an older version of OHIF that does present with the green overlay.

    So my main question would be, would jpeg-ls be a better compression option as it seems not to convert the RGB to YBR_FULL on compression. Or is there a newer executable or code I could implement that wouldn't cause this issue?

    Another option I thought of was to put an importconverter in checking for those devices that send US and store them as js instead of j2 . My problem with that solution is that I cannot figure out how to forward those js studies to the rad as js and leave the rest being sent to him as j2.

    Hope this post makes sense.

    Mr Johnathan Bravo

    P.S. forgot to say using 1.50b on debian 11

  • Hi, after 1.5.0b there was no change in the jpeg code. The latest version is always on github.

    Could you try change the flag to 0028,0004 to RGB for a test image and check the results on different OHIF viewers? YBR_FULL may be the incorrect flag.


  • Marcel

    Sorry for the slow reply. Been a bit hectic here today.

    Anyway, I was able to solve the immediate issue by forwarding the affected j2 compressed studies through another dgate that decompressed them and then forwarding to the Reading that has the viewers having the issue. I know there's a better way but I haven't had time to test one and this was a quick and dirty hacksolution that worked for the time being until I get more time to write and test proper import/export converters. I will take some time this weekend and test just changing 0028,0004 back to RGB on one of the j2 compressed studies and take a look at it in the viewers that are having a hard time . Thanks for your quick response and great product as always.

    Mr Johnathan Bravo

  • Marcel

    I was able to perform a few tests this weekend . Below is what I've found.

    dgate J2 compressed UltraSounds had the Green overlay on an older versions of OHIF , Remote Eye, and the dcm4chee Individual image view. I did try to simply rewrite the 0028,0004 tag to RGB from YBR_FULL without changing the j2 compression . This didn't change those viewers decompression, still had the green overlay. However If I take a Dgate compressed J2 ultrasounds and have dgate decompress them then the green overlay goes away. Also decompressing and re-compressing to JS works as well. With the JS compression the 0028,0004 tag remains RGB as in the original uncompressed files. Hope this helps and if you need me to do any other testing please let me know.

    Mr Johnathan Bravo

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