Getting anonymized dicoms without changing original

  • So I finally made it work. Thanks to your guidance, I could never accomplish that without your help. Apparently, the reason it wasn't working was that in dicom.ini the variable MAGDevice0 was set like

    MAGDevice0 = C:\conquest_servers\anon\Data\

    whereas the actual data was stored in C:\conquest_servers\anon\data\ (no capital)

    which is kinda strange, because I don't remember changing this defaults. If I did change it, I'm an idiot, but it is what it is.

    Soo, pscp couldn't find the local files and transfer it cause %s was pointing in "Data" folder which didn't even exist, not "data" which existed and functioned.

    Sorry for bothering you so much, man, but I got last one question. How do I correctly put submit2 command in ImportConverter? I want to make an anonymization server a DB-less router which receives studies via "--movestudies" command, anonymizes, submits and finally destroys it so it does not consume any storage. I have found examples of custom ImportConverters but they are mostly related to "ifequal" on modality plus "forward to" things. Could you please guide me a bit on the syntax?

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    The submit is something like this:

    ImportConverter0 = submit2 study target {command line} password {password}

    But I expect it only works with submit, because the {command line} cannot contain spaces.....; e.g.

    ImportConverter0 = submit study after 60 target {user@machine} password {password}

    ImportConverter1 = delete study after 600


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