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    Well, actually I was trying to add a ton of dcm files packed in the large (around 20 GB each) archives on my server. After copying them as-is in the 'incomng' folder, most of them didn't make it to the server and stayed there after a long time (days). I unzipped the archives and added them on the server by small portions, and everything seems to be OK, i got nothing new in DicomTrouble.log besides this

    Thu Aug 27 19:35:50 2020 Inconsistent StudyTime in DICOMStudies: PatientID = '4195368894.0' StudyInsta = '99999.99999.7.1598531727.6573', Old='165316.000', New='171642.000'

    Thu Aug 27 19:36:16 2020 Inconsistent StudyTime in DICOMStudies: PatientID = '4195368894.0' StudyInsta = '99999.99999.7.1598531727.6573', Old='171642.000', New='165316.000'

    Thu Aug 27 19:40:31 2020 SaveToDisk: *** warning: cannot write NKI compressed in dcm format, decompressing: /storage1/conquest_storage/data/567779206_0/99999.99999.7.1598531628.6512_9000_000001_15985320319d14.dcm

    and the same kind of errors I mentioned above. Maybe the files just stayed in the queue for too long. Sorry for bothering you.

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    I'm uploading new dicom files to the Conquest server (with anonymization) by adding them to the 'Incoming" folder. The files were previously anonymized on another server aswell.

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    Hi all!

    I'm having the same issue with adding some dicom files to the incoming folder. Some files pass through, but for the vast majority I end up with

    Tue Aug 25 11:30:56 2020 ***No valid presentation contexts/transfer syntax found in 0 candidates Tue Aug 25 11:30:56 2020 ***In 0 presentation contexts Tue Aug 25 11:30:56 2020 ***#Possible transfer syntaxes: 13 Tue Aug 25 11:30:56 2020 *** multiplex: connection terminated

    Is it commected with jpeg support aswell? How do I enable that?

    part of the dicom.ini which might be related is

    # Configure server

    ImportExportDragAndDrop = 1

    ZipTime = 05:

    UIDPrefix = 99999.99999

    EnableComputedFields = 1

    FileNameSyntax = 4

    # Configuration of compression for incoming images and archival

    DroppedFileCompression = un

    IncomingCompression = un

    ArchiveCompression = as

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    So I finally made it work. Thanks to your guidance, I could never accomplish that without your help. Apparently, the reason it wasn't working was that in dicom.ini the variable MAGDevice0 was set like

    MAGDevice0 = C:\conquest_servers\anon\Data\

    whereas the actual data was stored in C:\conquest_servers\anon\data\ (no capital)

    which is kinda strange, because I don't remember changing this defaults. If I did change it, I'm an idiot, but it is what it is.

    Soo, pscp couldn't find the local files and transfer it cause %s was pointing in "Data" folder which didn't even exist, not "data" which existed and functioned.

    Sorry for bothering you so much, man, but I got last one question. How do I correctly put submit2 command in ImportConverter? I want to make an anonymization server a DB-less router which receives studies via "--movestudies" command, anonymizes, submits and finally destroys it so it does not consume any storage. I have found examples of custom ImportConverters but they are mostly related to "ifequal" on modality plus "forward to" things. Could you please guide me a bit on the syntax?

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    Pscp command line is working fine, I have added the keys to the cache and successfully transferred several files.


    dgate64.exe -v "--submit2:837269774.1490884100,,,,echo pscp.exe -v -P 22 -pw {password} %s {remote location} > file.txt,call anonymize_script.cq"

    I'm getting "This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. Please install an app or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Apps Settings page." popup error window for anonymize_script.cq. In the server console there are multiple "*** Importconverter-1.0 script not found: submit.cq" messages (one for each image I guess). file.txt is not created. I'm sorry.

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    Ah, important note: pscp isn't working without explicit specifying to use port 22. By default it tries port 0 which isn't right. Maybe I need to specify this somehow int the submit command?

    dgate64.exe -v "--submit2:837269774.1490884100,,,,pscp.exe -v -P 22 -pw {password} %s {remote location},,call anonymize_script.cq" didn't succeed as well

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    I've done this, I checked that pscp is working with the same remote location, but no luck yet with


    The server locates the files, applies anonymization script but in the end is

    ANONSRV] *** Failed uploading archive to submit


    With the following command

    dgate64.exe "--submit:837269774.1490884100,,,,{remote location},{password}"

    I'm getting this kind of errors

    [ANONSRV] *** Importconverter-1.0 script not found: submit.cq

    [ANONSRV] *** Failed uploading archive to submit

    I didn't seem to find this file anywhere in the conquest installation folder. Do I need to create it? Do I need to add something about ExportConverters in the dicom.ini? I'm going to make this sumbitting thing a converter but at the moment I tried just command line version.

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    Hi! Sorry for abscence, I'm back at it again. For some weird reasons, the very same files are transmitted on another Windows machine with no problems, sorry for bothering you. But I'll keep my eyes on that.

    The guys from institution are saying that they're really short on the disk space to maintain yet another server. But anyways the data needs to be transferred through the web to our office. Is there a way to script scp file transfer just after they was added (and anonymized)?

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    Hi guys!

    I'm, trying to deploy a Conquest server on ubuntu 18.04, I added the string ImportConverter0 = anonymize_script.cq to dicom.ini in order to anonymize incoming files. When I'm trying to add files on the server they are not getting anonymized with the following error:

    ** lua syntax error [string "anonymize_script.cq"]:1: '=' expected near '<eof>' in 'anonymize_script.cq'

    in PacsTrouble.log. What could be the issue?

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    And if I want to move the images of particular body part and modality rather than date, what's the best approach? I'm thinking of small script which queries the storage server and calls --movestudy on the result seriesUIDs. But is there any batched approach? Maybe, there is a way to integrate the query with --movestudies command?

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    Hey Marcel!

    Thanks to your guidance, I almost finished the task.

    I set up 1.5.0 Conquest setver for anonymization purposes since 1.4.15 distribution kit institution didn't contain anonymize_script.cq file. Everything works just fine, but some files are not getting transferred with --movestudies approach. I have found this in the PacsTrouble.log:

    15:42:06 *** lua run error [string "local first=true; local ae=[[ANON2]];local ..."]:1: attempt to call a nil value in 'local first=true; local ae=[[ANON2]];local level=[[STUDY]];local q={QueryRetrieveLevel=[[STUDY]],PatientID=[[]],PatientName=[[]],StudyDate=[[]],};local q2=DicomObject:new(); for k,v in pairs(q) do q2[k]=v end;local r2=dicomquery(ae, level, q2);local s=tempfile("txt"), "wb");if r2==nil then f:write("no connection with ""\n") returnfile=s f:close() return end; local r = loadstring("return "..r2:Serialize())();r[1].QueryRetrieveLevel=nil; r[1].TransferSyntaxUID=nil; local keys={} for k,v in pairs(r[1]) do keys[#keys+1]=k end; table.sort(keys, function(a, b) return string.sub(a, 1, 7)<string.sub(b, 1, 7) end); if first then for k,v in ipairs(keys) do f:write(v.." ") end f:write("\n") end if first then f:write("---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n") end for k,v in ipairs(r) do for k2,v2 in ipairs(keys) do f:write("["..v[v2].."] ") end f:write("\n") end returnfile=s f:close();'

    With incoming folder and drag-and-drop I don't lose any files. What could go wrong?

    Thanks for the reply, Marcel!

    So I guess I'll take the first approach. I was just worried that setting another server on the same machine with the same defaults might somehow impair working of the old server. Could you please tell me how to do that dicommove thing?

    No, I don't have any rules on the new Patient ID, it can be whatever.

    Hi all!

    I'm building the data extraction pipeline from medical institution. Worth noting that they use conquest server 1.4.15 in there, which I can't change. The data is stored in .v2 format and must be anonymized. Sadly, my experiments show that dgate64.exe "--anonymize" does the thing kind of in-place, deleting the original file and storing the new one with the new patid on the same server, but I mustn't affect their original data in any way. Amounts of the data are pretty large, so I need something automated and fast.

    So I can see three paths:

    1) Setting up yet another Conquest server for anonymization purposes. Then, I will query their original server, grab necessary v2 files, copy them and pass it to anonymization server. Bad thing is I'm afraid that another server will interfere with original one, and I really appreciate if you guys guide me on how to avoid that.

    2) Convert v2 files to dcm using the original server and then anonymize it using the downstream third-party software which I kinda can craft. Bad thing is I didnt get dgate64.exe '--convert_to_dicom:file,size,comp,f" command work. I don't know what 'comp' and 'f' stand for, and can't find any documentation since 1.4.15 version is pretty old.

    3) Convert v2 files to images using dgate64.exe '--convert_to_jpg'. It does the thing but the output has low quality and I lose all the dicom metadata which is not necessary for my purposes but I prefer to have it.

    Could you please guide me on what to choose and how to solve my problem?

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