case insensitive search

  • Hi,

    when I`m searching ubuntu/conquest1.5/postgres pacs from kpacs I can only do it case sensitive. I want to be able to do it case insensitive. I guess it`s not up to kpacs since I can search other pacs case insensitive.

    Help please

    Thank you.

  • If patient`s name is stored in capital in debian/conquest1.5/postgres pacs I have to search it in capitals from kpacs in order to get results.

    when I search "smith" I get nothing

    when I search "SMITH" I get SMITH

    But, searching from the same kpacs another win/conquest1.4/mysql pacs I can make my searches in small letters and I`ll get results no matter patient is stored in capital of small letters.

    when I search "smith" I get SMITH

    whan I seach "SMITH" I get SMITH

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