Conquest DICOM server 1.5.0(b) released

  • Hi,

    I know if I increase the buffer size corruption increases on Lunix. But the same source code works fine on Windows. So it may be a difference in the (ancient) socket code in socket.cpp or socket behavior that is split between Windows and Unix.


  • Marcel

    I was able to do as you asked yesterday and built the 1.5.0 version with the 1.4.19b pdu.cxx, buffer.cxx, and pdata.cxx files. The environment that I built for this testing was a completely updated 7.8.2003 . I wanted to give dgate the best possible environment which is why I went ahead and got that system completely up to date. And here's the interesting part. I have been unable to re-create the issue using that environment. Even with an original unchanged build of 1.5.0. So I'm going to build a VM that's a copy of the environment that I was having the issues in to see if the underlying OS has anything to do with it. Might take me a day or so to get any information back to you.


    P.S. Just to be clear Neither of the builds, exhibited the behavior I was seeing .

  • marcelvanherk

    Changed the title of the thread from “Conquest DICOM server 1.5.0 released” to “Conquest DICOM server 1.5.0(a) released”.
  • Hi Marcel,

    One small question, are You considering adding access to ConnectedIP in ImportConverters?

    I'm especially interested in QueryConverter, because we want to use it to filter by IP in queries only.

    I took a peek into the source code and I think that at that moment You do not pass it into scriptdata sctructure while firing converters.

  • You are 100% right, but it is always as You ( accoroding to source code ) pass "0" to scriptdata sctructure when invoking "CallImportConverterN".

    It works fine in lua when I use "association", "command" or "endassociation", but not in import converters.

  • To solve it for now you can add:


    Association = AssociationConnectedIP = Association.ConnectedIP

    to dicom.ini

    You can then use variable AssociationConnectedIP in the ImportConverter.


  • Hi Marcel. Find Local Missing Patients option in 1.5.0 seems to displaying incorrect info?


    images in FRSL_CONQ_GATE02 = 43920

    images in NPPACS02_ROUTE = 68726

    total missing image = 0


    NPPACS02_ROUTE is the 'Queried' Server, FRSL_CONQ_GATE02 is the Destination Server that is missing studies.

    Normally this would populate the Patient ID field with the missing ones. Doesn't seem to be happening. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I did a test upgrade to 1.5.0a and everything is fine, but one important function is not working on my old win2003 setup - incoming compression is uncompressed but in dicom.ini it is set to Jpeg2000.

    OpenJpg library problem with old 64bit system (2003 server is very old and not supported now...) or maybe I miss some configuration in new version? Old files are in the same place, only updated binaries and libs...

    If I retrieve the files from PACS - server correctly send in j2k format, but incoming series from MR scanner are saved without compression...

    Thanks for any clearance, maybe I miss current known bugs...

  • :-)

    Check the first link - the source html has no "a" at the end, so I didn't check this! just copy & paste...and 1.5.0...

    Downloaded with additional "a" and magic goes on!

    Regards, and as always - thanks for quick reply!

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