Bulk Query/Retrieve

  • If I have a txt file with a list of SUID's in it - can conquest Q/R based on that list and bring the studies over? I know in the GUI you can put in PID or Acc# separated by a comma and do some bulk Q/R stuff, but I don't see an option for SUID.

  • dgate.exe --movestudy:SOURCEAE,DESTINATIONAE,1.2.etc

    It doesn't won't pull anything, then when I query by the study UID in the GUI it pulls thousands of cases at the patient level and only 1 at the studyroot level - I'm not sure if I have the syntax wrong in the command or something

  • Hi,

    E:\dicom1419>dgate64.exe --movestudy:CONQUESTSRV1,CONQUESTSRV1,1.2.840.113619.2.


    So it starts a study root move on conquest. If there is a : in the UID this splits patientid:studyuid


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