ImportConverter - Forward failed to connect to host - Control Error

  • Marcel,

    First, say hello and I hope you are very well.

    I need your help, you could tell me how to control a disconnect error when I do an Import please.

    when this error occurs, or similar:

    "Forward failed to connect to host"

    i need to send a reject command for to stop the forward in progress.

    It's posible something like this?

    ImportConverter0 = ifnoterror {forward to DICOMSRV1 channel *}, reject;

    if not script("forward to DICOMSRV1 channel *") then script('reject');

    it's just an idea as an example

    or a try catch or something..

    thanks for your help


  • This would be a really great. When our primary archive has process restarts, which we need to do roughly once a week to preserve performance, we have potential for these errors to be seen. We'd like a way to handle the 'failed to connects' differently than other forms of DCM failure.

  • Hi,

    would an ECHO be a reasonable option to test if the connection can be made?

    Pseudo code

    for each associaton maintain a forward host up flag

    for each received image

    if forward host up flag not set then echo the host and set forward host up flag

    if forward host up flag then forward to host

    With lua scripting I think this can be done with the current versions.



  • Marcel,

    it's work!, thnks!

    local state = servercommand('echo:SERVER2')
    if string.find(state,'DOWN') then
    if string.find(state,'UP') then
    script('forward to DICOMSRV001 channel *')

    but, i don't understand yet, how could be used this:



    association = local flag

    have you an example with more details?

    thnks for you help...


  • Hi,

    anything that you run in lua for the association event becomes global to an association (including all importconverters recieved images), so you can create variables there to store the return from the echo and not do it on all images.


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