allow all connections

  • Hi everyone,

    Is it possible to set the ACRNEMA.MAP to allow all connections ? (instead of just the known providers)

    SERVER 5678 un

    * * * un :/

    this would of course only be used for testing !

    kind regards,


  • Hi,

    all incoming connections are by default allowed (can be blocked in dgatesop.lst or with a script). For outgoing connections you need to know the IP and port, hence e.g.

    RT* * 104

    where the * must be passed the IP address or the port.


  • Hi,

    it would be no use. Remember this is for outgoing connections, the * gets wahetever is in the AE title.

    So workstation RT191.168.1.1 would open a communication to If you add a * to the port, it would try port which does not make sense.

    So to define multiple outgoing ports you would need multiple entries, e.g.

    A* * 104

    B* * 5678



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