Out now: iQ-VIEW/PRO and iQ-LITE 3.1!

  • We are happy to announce the new release of our radiology reading station software iQ-VIEW/PRO 3.1 and the diagnostic media viewer iQ-LITE 3.1.

    We are convinced that you will benefit from the new and enhanced features as well as the various performance improvements.

    Feature Highlights:

    :thumbup:AI based improvement of patient security and reading performance

    • 5% - 20% of patients have previous studies with a different patient identifier (Patient ID) and/or similar spellings of the patient name, e.g. Prof. Andre Mayer vs. André Mayer. Regular PACS cannot allocate such relevant datasets.
    • iQ-VIEW PRO 3.1 allocates ~99.5% of relevant prior studies in a PACS through automatic matching of similar patient names in addition to checking only the patient ID.
    • A more compact overview allows reading physicians to identify relevant studies quicker.
    • Note: If you use iQ-VIEW PRO 3.1 in combination with iQ-WEB, you must run iQ-WEB version ≥ 6.2.3.

    :thumbup:Significant performance improvements

    • The application start is much faster.
    • Image retrieval from remote archives works approx. 25% faster, especially for studies with many images, such as CT and MR.
    • The new CallHelper tool allows over 100% faster access to studies using a remote call from a HIS/RIS.

    :thumbup:New zoom presets

    • Additional presets now allow displaying images at 1/2 or 1/3 of their size for faster reading of x-ray studies.

    :thumbup:Display of patient age in study table

    • Many medical decisions are made in relation to the patient age. The local study table shows not only the date of birth, but how old the patient was at the time of study acquisition.

    :thumbup:Support for additional film/paper formats for DICOM print

    • Version 3.1 prints all DICOM-defined film formats.
    • Further special formats are intended to optimize the printing of stitched images (e.g. with full spine or extremities as 1:1 prints).

    Get our freshly released iQ-VIEW/PRO 3.1.1 now and benefit from all these new features and improvements! We highly recommend scheduling product upgrades soon. The trial version is available for download from our Download Center.


    Find further details about iQ-VIEW/PRO 3.1 in the product brochure and about iQ-LITE 3.1 in the flyer. And learn more about the changes and improvements from the previous version by checking out the New Features and Bug Fixes sheet.

  • On the CD I have been given recently there is a manual for iQ-LITE Viewer V 2.5.0 R1 so I assume that is the version I have. When I click the "download center" link above I get "page not found". How can I download iQ-LITE 3.1 please?

  • There seems to be a conflict concerning the file ssleay32.dll, which is used in iQ-VIEW/PRO as well as in the application Fing from Overlook. There are different options that you can try:

    1. If you don't need the other application, uninstall it from the system and start iQ-VIEW/PRO afterwards.
    2. If you still need Fing, try copying the files ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll, used in iQ-VIEW/PRO, from their usual location at C:\Program Files (x86)\iQ-VIEW\Library to the iQ-VIEW/PRO root folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\iQ-VIEW. Afterwards try to start iQ-VIEW/PRO.
    3. You could rename the ssleay32.dll in the bin folder of your Fing installation. Afterwards try to start iQ-VIEW/PRO. If it works, rename the Fing-related file again to its original name and check if iQ-VIEW/PRO still works after doing so.

    It would be helpful if you could post your results here as we are interested in the solution that works for you.

  • Yes, there is. If you create patient media with iQ-LITE using the main application iQ-VIEW/PRO, the configured overlay of the main application will also be copied to the medium and used in the iQ-LITE viewer. Refer to the iQ-VIEW/PRO Administration Guide for instructions on how to configure the overlay in the OverlayMapping.script file. If you create iQ-LITE media without the use of the main application, the same overlay configuration is available to you. But you will have to do it in a file called OM.cfg. You can find all details on how to do this in the respective iQ-LITE Administration Guide.

    Of course, you can also contact the local reseller from whom you have purchased our software. They will be able to assist you in case of questions.

    Also note that we have released iQ-VIEW/PRO and iQ-LITE 3.1 in the meantime. We highly recommend upgrading to the latest software version in order to make use of the latest features, bug fixes and security measures. Contact your local reseller for details about upgrades beforehand.

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