Windows 10 Controlled folder access

  • Hi,

    Latest version Win10 has "Controlled Folder access".

    This is a white board against ransom-ware

    Enabling Protected folders by listing the folder containing all of CQ 1.4.17d causes the server to act-up/freeze, any ideas on how to configure "Controlled folder access"?

    Thank you


  • Hi,

    I do not think so. But to be honest I am not even sure which files would need to be excluded. You can try to run the server core from the command line: "dgate64 -v" and see if the server works then, to see if the issue is with the core or the GUI.


  • Stop the server
    run cmd
    in the window type:

    cd c:\dicomserver
    dgate64 -v

    this will start the server. You can now test if it runs, e.g. answers to queries and or the web interface works.


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