64 bit version of iQ-VIEW

  • is a 64bit version of iQ-VIEW under development?

    considering the fact the CT and MRI studies being larger and larger year by year, an 64bit version could resolve some speed and memory issues while loading very large image datasets.

  • Thank you for your suggestions.

    A 64 bit version is under consideration for exactly those reasons and we have taken the first steps in that direction.

    However, the next version, which is currently developed, will still be only 32 bit. But we have done much work on the memory issues, such as reworking some of the memory-intensive functions (e.g. zooming) and redesigning the handling of multi-frame objects.

    We are sure that you will see an obvious difference between the new version 3.0.0 and the previous ones.

  • you should reconsider this...

    64bit is the future... image data volume is always rising and sooner or later all 32bit DICOM viewers will become obsolete

    Sure. It's not like we don't want it. Many dependencies make this a big challenge. Internal and external libraries need to be compiled with 64 bit, too. All those third party integrations have to work as well. Every vendor specific DICOM incompliance, that has been fixed, has to work on 64 bit as well.

    Next year we will be working on some substantial improvements and we will also check how far we will come on the path to 64 bit.

    Until iQ-VIEW 4.0 I hope our patches (like our current 3.1.2) will improve your current experience.

    Kind regards


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