can't regenerate iQ-VIEW 2.8 database

  • yesterday evening everything was fine.

    this morning after starting my PC the database list of iQ-VIEW was almost completely gone...
    only 94 case were showing insted of the more than 5000 that were stored the day before

    I checked the Imagebox and all the case were still there but not recognized in the database

    I tried regenerating the database with direct rebuild option and the original "Imagebox" and "database" folders were renamed to "Imagebox~" and "database~" and new empty "Imagebox" and "database" folders were created

    unfortunately the progress bar did not move from 0% and after a few minutes iQ-VIEW was frozen and unresponsive and I had to kill the process.

    now I'm backupping all the files into an external HD

    I wonder what should I try to restore the original database. any suggestions?

    my PC is a Win7 64bit machine and the Imagebox is in an internal 2TB HD which still has 600 GB of free space...
    so the total amount of space used by my cases was 1.6 TB

    what could have caused this issue? I read somewhere that iQ-VIEW has a storage limit of 10'000 cases, which was far to being reached yet.

  • just to add that the iQ-VIEW version is installed on a Win7x64 machine and that I paid a regular licence and an annual support fee as well.

    you can check my user-id: ECO-GRAFICA_IQVIEWUPG2_2.8_121106_SP_130217

  • Quote from dbartalena

    you can check my user-id: ECO-GRAFICA_IQVIEWUPG2_2.8_121106_SP_130217

    sorry that was a wrong code...
    the PC I'm talking about is:
    DT ECO-GRAFICA srl_IQVIEWUPG_2.8_121011_SP_130513
    Fingerprint: 13AC-07C2

  • Egr. Dott. Bartalena,

    Thank you for contacting us with your support request and for providing your license data. Due to the complexity of such a case, we have handed over the case to the responsible department and will also inform your local reseller. You will hear from us shortly.

    Distinti saluti

    Sabine Stridde

  • today I saw another corruption of the iQ-VIEW 2.8 database.

    all the cases from last 4 months are not displayed in the database list.

    however the DICOM files are not lost and I see that are correctly stored in the Imagebox folder.

    I need technical support.

  • Dear Dr. Bartelena,

    I'm sorry to hear that. As always, your vendor should be the first person you should contact in case of technical support.

    Since you are aware of the option to regenrate the database or re-import the database, I guess this will take very long for your large database.
    In such cases I usually take a look at the content of the "kpstudy.dir" in the database directory. This file represents all registered studies. Every study is listed as a separate line. Sometimes there are visual clues that lead to a corrupted display (blank lines and the like).

    I would look which study is the last study displayed in the Study Browser. Then I'd search for that study in the kpstudy.dir and look for abnormalities in the surrounding study entries.

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