Number of Studies that can be stored in Conquest

  • Hello All.

    I have put approx 80 million images, almost 600.000 studies on Conquest and MySQL.
    MySQL database grows approx 1GB for each million images.
    That was using approx 20TB for image storage.

  • Hi,

    I am testing query speed for really large queries in a virtual server environment with query caching ON.Our testcase is an image level query of 16 elements (about 200 characters) returning 40.000 records of which 5000 are stored locally and the rest is cached.


    This is the timing:
    reading cache (40000 objects): 1s
    mysql query (5000 objects): 0s
    removing duplicates: 6s
    sending results (40000) over 100MB network: 16s

    Network load is 10%. So data transfer is still the bottleneck although it migth be worthwhile to optimize the duplicate code too.

    EDIT: the large query speed is affected by the array implementation. Planned a change


  • I am currently holding over 20 million images and ingesting roughly 45,000+ a day. I am using Microsoft SQL server for the DB. Images are being written to the system about 1 every second or two.

  • Hi i have 8 millions images and 153,000 studies in about 6 tb, and continues responding as fast as new... the only limit is the storage capacity... i use mysql and everything perfect

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