VirtualServer for Modality Worklist Possible?

  • In lines 13798 to 13800, remove the // to make the virtualserver active for worklists.

    // for (int i=0; i<10; i++)
    // if (mask & (1<<i))
    // sources += VirtualQuery(DDOPtr, Level, i, ADDO)!=0;


  • It'S definitely forwarding the query to the virtual server found in the ini after recompiling with changes... however the items in the other server in which the query is forwarded to doesn't seem to find the worklist entries in it's database.

    it doesn't really saying querying worklist database. almost like it's just checking for stored studies or something. if you query the other worklist server directly it does find items.

    1.4.17alpha linux with VirtualServerFor0 = WORKLIST and worklist is in its acrnema as i see the c-find get forwarded. any ideas? the other server is 1.4.17b windows server with items in it's worklist

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