Conquest 1.4.15 released at last

  • Today, the new version 1.4.15 of the Conquest DICOM server is released.

    I would like again to thank all the users of the forum who reported problems, suggested changes, and helped testing and documenting.

    The main new features are:

    64 bit; postgres; improved virtual server performance; jpg images possible in web interface; multiframe support in serversideviewer; sequence access in scripting; anonymizationscript; better handling of corrupt DICOM files

    You can find it at: Where:


  • List of known bugs/wishes in 1.4.15

    1) Rare random high CPU load hang of a single server thread (bug recently reported on 1.4.14 and 1.4.15alpha, not on 1.4.13).

    2) ZipMsgXX.res is probably not linked to the executable. Missing String ID is: 11001. Then there vill be file called ZipTmp??.??? (where ? is wildchar, example of file name is ZipTmp0g.t00). There will be a Zip file as well with exact same timestamp and size (at 5 in the morning). This does not happen every night, sometimes several days will pass, sometimes every night. Conquest version is 1.4.14. Windows Server 64bit R2. SOLUTION: delete zipdll.dll forces using 7za. Skrani reports this happens if more than one GUI is running at the same time. Fixed in 1.4.16alpha: detect and forbid starting multiple GUI's

    3) Wish: a clean way of exiting, i.e., that counts active threads:


    5) Wish: safer printing: thread-safe and no drops;

    6) Seems like a warning will drop the connection (logs to be provided):

    7) Default ports 5678 and 5679 seem in use by Vista; also port 1155. Modify port ranges and test availability of port on fresh install.

    8 ) Incomplete server response in cqdicom - lambert ?

    9) Web interface fails to query studies and series in databases with really old definition (no patient name in study).

    10) ImageQuerySortOrder never worked for a C-MOVE: here is the patch (1.4.15a):…pic.php?f=33&t=2000#p6624. Also need to cast the sort field to unsigned.

    11) Enabling EnableComputedFields seems to cause server crashes. Here is a patch (1.4.15b):…pic.php?f=33&t=2004#p6644

    12) Preparing a send of 10.000's of images takes such long the TCP/IP connection times out before even starting (4 min for 50.000 images). Disable ReadAheadThread makes it start faster but go slower. The memory consumption of the total prepare is about 2000 chars per image (100 MB for 50.000 images). This poses a limit on the size of moves. Code is optimized in next release 14.15c (…erver/

    13) conquest does not (yet) support FL tags in the database. Using FL is really a silly idea of the DICOM committee, as they likely would return imprecisily depending on the database type. Added experimental datatypes DT_FL and DT_FD for database definition in 1.4.16alpha, that map to a DT_STR in the database with right length to store a %.16g formatted double: I suggest 32.

    14) Worklist issue with Siemens:…ic.php?f=33&t=2053#p6816; This can likely be solved using WorkListQueryConverter0, already in 1.4.15.

    15) The code does assume that everything starting with a number in is an IP adress! See…ic.php?f=33&t=2077#p6860; fixed in 1.4.16alpha

    16) Move to osirix from web interface fails - as always a patient root move is started: See Fixed in 1.4.16alpha

    17) Wish: configure (mysql) port number. Will allow host:port syntax in 1.4.16alpha for MySQL and PostGres.

    18) stropts.h does not compile under all linux flavors: See…c.php?f=33&t=1666&start=0. Code is fixed in next release 14.15c (…erver/

    19) c-move and c-find do not honor CANCEL requests, see:; Experimental fix applied in 1.4.16alpha.

    20) Uppercase hex numbers in dicom.sql did not work: fixed in 1.4.16alpha.

    21) crash during virtual server operation: see; fixed in 1.4.16alpha.

    22) dgatefn: %studydate% problem: see Fixed in 1.4.16alpha.

    23) V2 files can contain a 0xffffffff VR lenght; this will write but not read correctly from the server. It occured with compression setting NJ. Fixed in 1.4.16alpha by bcb.

    Please report any bugs you find!

  • Regarding issue 2:
    I belive I have a clue why this is happening.
    On windows servers, you can default have 3 desktop sessions, 1 console and 2 terminal sessions. If conquest GUI is running in more than one session, this happens. (I assume both GUI's start to create the zip files, then something goes wrong).

    Best regards

  • YAY jpeg through web viewer. The web viewer is such a nice viewer.

    If this is the thread for wishlist items in your next revisions I think automatic image caching in the web viewer would help it's viability over wan connections a lot. Currently it seems as if you must manually click through each image to have it download and cache.

    Then one or two or three versions after that a special print button with various format options =).

  • Hi,

    what web viewer are you using? Both serverside viewer and kpacs-viewer support jpg (configurable though the web dicom.ini).

    I guess a cache button should be possible. The request is for printing from the web page?


  • I use conquest primarily for the web viewer. I was just saying "yay" because you said you added jpeg support in this latest version according to the first post. I have just used your format but I will have something new to play with just in case it comes in handy.

    The pre-caching for the web viewer is just a convenience thing for to make a single server setup more robust. One can easily have conquest running on a local workstation for their location, and then users can use the push feature view the web interface to get images to their local server before viewing.

    Any fancy printing features probably are not worth the programming effort unless it's already built into the K-PACS viewer and just needs a button added (K-PACS is what you are creating the web-viewer from, right?).

    Thanks again. These are just my ideas in case you are looking for any. It is great "as is" and has come in handy for me on multiple occasions.

  • Hi,

    the K-PACS viewer in the web page does not come with a print interface built-in. I guess it might be possible to send a message back to the server to start a print, but in any case it would be quite some coding.....


  • I get a error message when using c-move to copy images to local conquest.

    I can search patients from another server which is also running conquest. but when I copy to local conquest: get error

    DICOM move error: Remote DICOM error

    [CONQUESTSRV11] UPACS THREAD 0: STARTED AT: Wed Dec 16 18:37:30 2009
    [CONQUESTSRV11] Calling Application Title : "PASSDICOM "
    [CONQUESTSRV11] Called Application Title : "CONQUESTSRV11 "
    [CONQUESTSRV11] Application Context : "1.2.840.10008.", PDU length: 16384
    [CONQUESTSRV11] Presentation Context 0 "1.2.840.10008." 1
    [CONQUESTSRV11] Presentation Context 1 "1.2.840.10008." 1
    [CONQUESTSRV11] ***Error saving to SQL: 602357\
    [CONQUESTSRV11] UPACS THREAD 0: ENDED AT: Wed Dec 16 18:37:38 2009

  • I try to store images to Mag1 when mag0 is full. (Does Magdevice work like that?) And copy some files to fill up Mag0.
    when I continue to send images to the server, I get error on log "Out of space" (Images are not stored to MAGDevice1).

    below is the setting in dicom.ini

    # Configuration of disk(s) to store images
    MAGDeviceThreshhold = 0
    MAGDevices = 2
    MAGDevice0 = J:\dicomserver1415\data\
    MAGDevice1 = k:\data\
    NightlyCleanThreshhold = 0
    NightlyMoveThreshhold = 0
    NightlyMoveTarget = 0

  • ljxken, did you have your "Error saving to SQL" issue solved?
    I'm with the same issue here when a Siemens Emotion CT tries to send a specific study.


    ***Error saving to SQL: 0879244I/

    Thanks for any help!

    Gustavo F. Caetano
    Technical Coordinator and Biomedical Informatics Specialized Technician
    Image Sciences and Medical Physics Center
    Hospital das Clínicas - FMRP - USP

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