Conquest DICOM server 1.4.15alpha released

  • Hi,

    because I am very short on time to test the next release, I have decided to release it as an alpha version and leave the testing to the community.

    The 1415alpha release contains all bug fixes for 1.4.14 (see the bug list on the forum:…pic.php?f=33&t=1593#p4820), and has many new features such as: 64 bit support, allows use of jpg images in the web viewer, a better anonymizer (which support RT objects as well and can be scripted), postgres support, better (but experimental) handling of corrupt dicom files, and improved virtual server performance.

    You can download the Windows 32/64 bit version from:…/

    and the Linux 32/64 bit version (if jpeg support is needed download that from the 1414 version) from:…uestlinux1415alpha.tar.gz

    Hope you have fun with it and please report any bugs on the forum! And thanks again for all your wonderful input and support.


  • List of known bugs/wishes in 1.4.15alpha.

    1) postgres is not supported from 64 bit windows server. Fixed in next release.

    2) rare random high CPU load hang of a single server thread (bug recently reported on 1.4.14 and 1.4.15alpha, not on 1.4.13). UNSOLVED

    3) GUI cannot allocate free ports - seen once. UNSOLVED

    4) ZipMsgXX.res is probably not linked to the executable. Missing String ID is: 11001. Then there vill be file called ZipTmp??.??? (where ? is wildchar, example of file name is ZipTmp0g.t00). There will be a Zip file as well with exact same timestamp and size (at 5 in the morning). This does not happen every night, sometimes several days will pass, sometimes every night. Conquest version is 1.4.14. Windows Server 64bit R2. UNSOLVED

    5) Wish: is there a way to have a default of: ForwardCollectDelay = 300 But then also have the system use a short delay, like 30 seconds, if it was sourced by a direct file import? - In next release, added a <after x> clause to forward patient etc to set the delay to x seconds.

    6) wish: if it's possible to change incoming images patient id's by pointing conquest to a reference flat file which contains all old and new patient id's. In next release added mechanism to query a text file, e.g., %Q1gggg,eeee queries the first column of a tab-separated file (aliasfileQ1.txt) on the given tag and returns the second column.

    7) wish: a clean way of exiting, i.e., that counts active threads: UNSOLVED.


    9) wish: safer printing: thread-safe and no drops; UNSOLVED

    10) seems like a warning will drop the connection (logs to be provided): UNSOLVED

    11) I will report a bug to map a ** query to a * query. In DBASEIII both types of queries are already the same.
    See…?f=33&t=1857&p=6099#p6099. Fixed in next release

    12) Default ports 5678 and 5679 seem in use by Vista; also port 1155. Modify port ranges and test availability of port on fresh install. THIS IS NOT ADRESSED IN THE NEXT RELEASE.

    13) "***Error saving to SQL:" results in a large memory leak: the recieved DDO is not freed. Fixed in next release

    14) Wish: change case of VR in importconverter. Fixed in next release

    15) newuids (anonymization) is not thread safe: will fail when receiving multiple images at once. Fixed in next release

    16) The delete image|series|study|patient command exists but needs some more specification before it is recognized. Try: delete series modality *; Fixed in next release.

    17) The string after "process series by " may not contain spaces...... I need to change the syntax. Fixed in next release.

    18) JPEG compressing PR give an errror. Fixed in next release.

    19) this is a bug. The "compression" import converter converts the image but returns the incorrect pointer. Added to bug list. Unfortunately, these is no other way to change compression based on image type. I already added to the bug list that some image types should not be compressed. Fixed in next release.

    20) When migrating images it (dgate --testimages:) is a convenient option, no doubt. But how would you arrange an everyday check on newly archived images only? In the next release it is possible to select LRU or MRU patients (use a negative amount). This allows checking all recently modified patients. However, it will not do it on date yet, but on a total amount of data.

    21) IndexDBf does not seem to create consistently the promised index space as documented in the manual: for 50 @ empty dbf: 2 million per table; later 0.1 million per table. Unable to reproduce....

    22) Incomplete server response in cqdicom - lambert ? UNSOLVED

    23) Web interface fails to query studies and series in databases with really old definition (no patient name in study). UNSOLVED

    24) Access to a tape migrating SAN blocks server while tape is loading (during FindPhysicalFile). Disabling readAheadThread helps, but the server still blocks. Use stat() instead of open/close in next version, should improve the situation. It is the open() that seems to block everything - a sleep() in the same function has no affect whatsoever. Fixed in next release.

    25) The "Failed Storage" error is erroneously followed by "client error:". Fixed in next release.

    26) Add %t as tab in scripting commands. Fixed in next release.

    27) Add "reject" as command to importconverter: same as destroy but returns an error to the sender. Fixed in next release.

    28) retry function seems to miss one image: See…?f=33&t=1985&p=6530#p6529. Fixed in next release using optional "RetryForwardFailed" flag. Set to 1 to retry also the failed image (default 0, to avoid endless retries).

    29) studydescription for filenamesyntax. Maybe, I will also put %Vxxxx,yyyyy there so that you can use anything..... Fixed in next release.

    30) The original sample data does not pass the new read test: it contains out-of order groups.... This is not true, the sample data I tested was really old.

    31) Drag and drop no longer runs export converters. Fixed (made option) in next release.

    Please report any bugs you find!

  • Hi,

    it checks if:

    VR's are out of order
    VR's are bigger that the group length

    The out of memory occured when a an invalid VR would state to be, e.g., GB's big. If so, the load fails. This can occur on any dicom transaction.

    Can you get met the debug log?


  • Hi,

    First, thank's for this great free software !
    Since this week, we use the GNU-Linux 64 bits version (x86-64 ) with Postgres backend on Ubuntu and Gentoo servers with success.
    I've switched many times the DB_DEBUG flag, so I start a Makefile which's more portable than install scripts.
    Perhaps could help somebody...
    Makefile :

    I've made some modifications to the postgres functions (auto add id as primary key) to use it with Django.
    As I've a stable version of our web interface NetPACS (hope nearly), I'll give access on my Subversion server.
    If you are interested, It's possible to host your soft (for free) ;-) on my server (, too.

    Best regards.

  • Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for the makefile - others have created similar ones. I have tested dgate with postgres (on windows) and it seems to works quite reliably and fast. I am curious to what changes you made. Can you post the diff for odbci.cpp?


  • We've been using an instance of 1.4.14 as an importer. We have an export converter that pushes to another device for matching, etc. In 1.4.15alpha, when we try to use it like this, the converters won't work. So, in as much as we liked that drag and drop export feature, it's a problem...:).


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