wado gif/jpeg image window/level contrast

  • Why does the image from conquest gif/png wado look so contrasted compared to say a default from dcm4chee wado jpg.

    does the dcm4chee wado maybe automatically adjust window level to appropriate levels before serving up?



  • Hi John,

    conquest does an automatic contrast stretch between min and max intensity without looking at the embedded level and window values in the header. If the WADO client requests a certain level & window it will use that. Where is this an issue?


  • if you are using wado calls for thumbnails from conquest and also the native thumbnails that weasis pulls from conquest are washed out and contrasty compared to the normal wado calls to dcm4che and weasis to dcm4chee for thumbnails with no special parameters.

    the actual full dcm file ends up displaying fine in weasis or whatever but the thumbnails are harsh looking and don't represent the image well.

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