Version 1.5 free, license???

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    Soy de Chile y necesito saber si la version 1.5 free se puede instalar en un centro médico sin necesidad de pagar una licencia, la idea es poder ver las imagenes dicom y grabar un cd para cada paciente que se realiza un examen.

    Por favor cuentenme si se puede con la versión free o debo comprar licencias.


    In English..


    I'm from Chile and need to know if the free version 1.5 can be installed on a medical centre without paying a license, the idea is to see dicom images and burn a CD for each patient who carries out an examination.

    Please talkme if it can be with the free version, or should I buy licenses.


  • Hola Luis,

    Efectivamente K-PACS V1.5 es totalmente gratuito. La version paga se llama iQ-View, y esta tiente certificacion FDA y CE para uso medico, tambien te ofrece la posibilidad de hacer DICOM Print (imprimir en impresoras de placas).

    Quedo a tus ordenes por cualquier consulta.
    Rafael Sanguinetti

  • Rafael

    Muchas gracias por tu respuesta, entonces entiendo que si esta versión es totalmente gratuita puedo hacer lo que explicaba, o sea grabar las imagenes dicom en un cd junto al visor (K-Pacs lite) y entregarselo a cada uno de los pacientes que se atiende en el centro médico???????

    Saludos Cordiales
    Luis Hernández

  • Hello.

    Excuse me for asking this, but could someone please translate the response that RafaelS had posted, or better, RafaelS could you please repost your answer in english, since im not Spanish.

    I just need to confirm that K-PACS is completely free, to install and/or use on multiple computers inside of an organization.

    It is a kind of a sensitive matter.

    Cheers and a huge thanks in advance.

  • Well, you see, heres the problem, ive been reading through the EULA, and heres what came up:

    1. GRANT OF LICENSE IIS hereby grants to you a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable, non-transferable, non-assignable license to use the Software, in machine executable object code form, and any related Documentation as follows: You may install and use one copy of the Software on a single computer within your organization for evaluation and testing purposes during the evaluation period of five years maximum. The evaluation Software should not be used for commercial purposes.

    But we need to use K-PACS on multiple machines in an organization and certainly for commercial use, and i dont think that we need to worry about certificates since the Hospital i work in is not in the US.

    If at all possible could i please get a clarification on that chapter in the EULA.

  • Hello,

    thank you for your request.
    K-PACS is free for evaluations, private purposes and scientific use.
    You may not use it for any commercial reasons, e.g. in facilities to earn money with medical imaging.
    iQ-VIEW/PRO is the commerically available product for such installations.
    We will clarify this situation in future K-PACS versions.

    Best regards

    Arpad Bischof, MD
    Managing Director

  • "e.g. in facilities to earn money with medical imaging"

    So is it OK in public facilities which aren't making money, but are funded by taxpayers, charity etc to provide a free healthcare service?

    (To be used for review purposes, not primary clinical diagnosis)



  • Hello William,
    thank you for your request: You may use K-PACS for private (e.g. watching your studies with your wife or grandma), scientific (e.g. to perform a nonprofit scientific study or research) or evaluation use (trying it out w/o making any diagnosis or medical decision based on K-PACS. You would need a commercial licenses for all other use, e.g. viewing, reviewing or watching images in any facility of patient healthcare like private or governmental imaging centers, practices or hospitals.

    Feel free to contact us or your local dealer for further information.

    Best regards

    Arpad Bischof, MD
    Managing Director

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