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    iQ-WEB reports a problem on this lines:
    [DICOM SCU] >> : (0000,0900), 2, US, "45056" - Status

    Do you know what does Status = B000H means for iQ-WEB?
    I couldn't find it on the Conformance Statement.


    I am the author of Charrua DICOM ToolKit, and I think you are missing some points:

    1. CDTK has a double license scheme, GPL and commercial.
    2. CDTK is not the complete CharruaSoft DICOM Library, but a small sample of it.
    3. K-PACS is not using CDTK but DICOMDLL, DICOMDLL is based on my DICOM Library.
    4. I have a special arrangement with Andreas Knopke and Image Systems for the use of DICOMDLL.
    5. I think I am the only one that can enforce the GPL license on any derivatives from CDTK.

    Rafael Sanguinetti

    In K-PACS go to the Jobs Button at the left bottom, select Debug option, try to send the image again from Conquest and see what is displayed in the Process Log.
    Also check what does the Conquest Server Status says.

    Rafael Sanguinetti

    There is nothing wrong here..., for k-pacs the store is done successfully.
    Don't worry about ***Unidentified*** tags, they are just propietary tags that our dictionary can't interpret, but they are causing no error.
    You should also check e-film logs to see if they received something.

    Regards, Rafael.

    Many things you can do:
    1. DICOM Echo verification (see in DICOM Settings the Test column with echo button besides each remote server), see if it answers.
    2. In the Main Window at the left bottom there is a jobs button, got to process log tab, select debug log level, and log DICOM Network Communication, try to send an image and post the resulting log here.
    3. There is the iQ-DICOMTEST tool for troubleshooting, you can do the same test in an easier way, get it from:,en/

    Please get back with the results.

    Regards, Rafael

    Yes, there is activity but in the SCP association, not in the SCU association, they are completely independent. That is why even if the SCU association fails, the SCP association keeps going. We will have to check the timeout for this cases.

    Can't tell you for certain why the processor gets loaded, maybe you should try K-PACS 1.5 instead. Conquest uses DMCTK dcmcjpeg for jpeg compression, In K-PACS you need to select: prefer JPEG lossy or JPEG lossless in the Server Configuration. and add -nd (no decompression) to the Additional Parameters.

    JPEG lossless compression can reduce size 3:1 and JPEG lossy can reduce it 10:1 with some loss in image quality.

    Regards, Rafael

    K-PACS Store SCU ask the remote server to Move the selected study to K-PACS Store SCP (in another association), after that it waits for the Move operation to finish.
    But if it takes more than five minutes and there is no activity in the SCU association, the socket timeout will kill the association. And no, the socket timeout is not user-configurable.

    Maybe you can set K-PACS Store SCP to use jpeg lossless for this big images, are they US multi-frame? You can try jpeg lossy.
    By default K-PACS will un-compress them on receiving, but this will take a lot of CPU usage, best will be to save them compressed.

    Regards, Rafael.

    You have to verify that K-PACS AET, IP address and Port number are correctly configured on the Centricity machine for the retrieve operation to work. Query will work without this parameters, Retrieve needs them to know where to send the images.

    Rafael Sanguinetti

    Hola Luis,

    Efectivamente K-PACS V1.5 es totalmente gratuito. La version paga se llama iQ-View, y esta tiente certificacion FDA y CE para uso medico, tambien te ofrece la posibilidad de hacer DICOM Print (imprimir en impresoras de placas).

    Quedo a tus ordenes por cualquier consulta.
    Rafael Sanguinetti

    Normally K-PACS de-compresses all images when they are received.
    -nd means "no decompress", images will be saved as they are in the database.

    What Brand/Model of C-Arm are you using? Does it have a DICOM Conformance Statement?

    Regards, Rafael

    Did you try using a compressed Transfer Syntax?
    Try with -nd option in "additional parameters", and prefer JPEG lossless in K-PACS Server Admin tool.

    Rafael Sanguinetti

    I would recommend a good Color Laser printer. Both Xerox and Okidata have a wide selection.

    For A4: Oki 5700, Xerox Phaser 6300 DN
    For A3: Oki 8600 , Xerox Phaser 7760

    Rafael Sanguinetti