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    How do you deploy the latest OHIF as a single json file with Yarn? I can then test it easier on my development machine.

    Thanks, Marcel

    Sorry, Marcel

    I didn´t see your post.

    Here we have instructions to build and deploy:…build-for-production.html

    I never did it. I am not a OHIF user.

    I am testing OHIF because it will be cool have it working with conquest node API.

    Although I am not a PHP user, it will be easy others users make a Laravel API from node API sample.


    I got the RTSTRUCT working too in php! I'll have a look at the coding error.

    Are you using it instead of wadouri endpoint in ohif?

    I got the RTSTRUCT working too in php! I'll have a look at the coding error.

    Where OHIF is calling this endpoint?

    And a working getframe(). Returns binary information without header, tested on old OHIF with wadors.

    I had done this function in lua api.

    Isn´t ok?

    Can you post the full incorrect json file?


    Hi, Marcel

    This is the json with problem:

    Parse error on line 1:

    ...vr": "SQ", "Value":[}]}}]},"00700080": {


    Expecting 'STRING', 'NUMBER', 'NULL', 'TRUE', 'FALSE', '{', '[', ']', got '}'

    The json error is in:

    Parse error on line 1:

    ...vr": "SQ", "Value":[}]}}]},"00700080": {


    Expecting 'STRING', 'NUMBER', 'NULL', 'TRUE', 'FALSE', '{', '[', ']', got '}'

    Hi, Marcel

    I just load a rt struct without errors while loading.

    But if I click on SR or Seg I get this message(in red).

    The metadata function still have a bad json format

    Hi, Marcel

    >>In mine I have a wado-rs instance endpoint, but it is not accepted by the new OHIF.

    Could you post the wado-rs endpoint code?

    >>I think the only OHIF error is that we are not yet able to serve dicom-rs instances in the correct format- that is used by OHIF to load RTSTRUCTS therefore I have not been able to display RTSTRUCTS. 1.03 does not give any errors, I do not think it supports RTSTRUCT at all.

    I agree.

    I am searching for wado-rs sample response in the web. But, no look until now.

    Hi, Marcel

    I don´t know if this is usefull for you, but with orthanc and conquest using the same dicom file the struct tags are something as below.

    The orthanc tags is not a json file. I copied the metadata from browse. Some tags I collapsed to make easier the copy.

    Attached is the same metadata generated by conquest.

    I see some tags in orthanc file, not presents in conquest.

    I attached the conquest equivalent json metadata generated.

    conquest: json.txt

    orthanc: orthanc.txt

    orthanc: orthanc_main.txt

    I see no differences between old and new ohif using the API except the error with rtstruct files.

    with struct files:

    1. The old ohif(you posted) doesn't throw an error, but it doesn´t render the image. Probably, it catches the error.

    2. The latest dev ohif throw an error, and it doesn´t render the image as well

    I imported the same struct dicom to orthanc.

    But It didn´t able to render it.

    I'm afraid I haven´t a decent rtstruct file to test.

    Hi, Marcel

    >>Does your api work with the old OHIF (just posted on Git).? My php one does.

    Are you talking about dicom files with RTSTRUCT?

    I have structured wado-rs api endpoints in the sources.

    But, it´s not operational yet.


    Great work.

    Sorry for I don´t able to help you in this DICOM API part.

    My skills in that area isn´t enough.


    Hi, Marcel,

    I am using now your latest metadata function.

    I saw two problems:

    1. With this metadata function version the pat id "0009703828" - Head Exp2 doesn´t show in OHIF. The version prior to this works.

    2.The json generated with metadata function is not well formed when tested with dicom RTSTRUCT file.

    And many value tags aren´t trimmed the extra spaces.

    The dicom file is

    Here is the json file


    If you put the file content into and validate you get:

    Parse error on line 1:
    ...vr": "AT", "Value":["b\u0000\6\u0000"]},
    Expecting 'STRING', 'NUMBER', 'NULL', 'TRUE', 'FALSE', '{', '[', ']', got 'undefined'

    Here is my latest lua script: